Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Sad, Yet Funny, Post...

I incriminate myself with this story but am choosing to post it anyway...

Here's a brief history- Paul and I purchased a home that was built in 1912. (OK, maybe it was 1930 but 1912 seems a bit more dramatic.) Whatever the case, despite the "new windows" (HUGE selling point... too bad they didn't inform us the walls weren't new... it seems that's where all the cold air comes through.) Anyway, come winter it's always a game to see how long we will wait to turn on the heat. (We strive for Thanksgiving.) AND once the heat's "on", it's a game to see how low we can tolerate the thermostat.

Well- this recent cold spell really caused us to CHUCK the entire "Game" and crank up the thermostat. We raised it by 5 degrees and waited for satisfaction. NOTHING. We were freezing. LITERALLY. So we upped it another 2. Still nothing. It was so cold. The thing was- we could hear the heater going on and off... constantly, but the first floor's temperature wasn't changing. And the second floor- it was SMOKING HOT.

Since I'm aware our home is colder than most... I bought the kids a few pairs of footie PJ's. (Even Brenden trolls around in them daily.) They walk around in robes and blankets... and all of us fight the lazy side of us that wants to stay under the covers all day because we don't want to face the cold of the first floor... BUT today- TODAY I faced it. I decided to check each vent to make sure heat was coming out. It didn't take long to realize our largest living room vent wasn't working. Upon inspection... it was turned off.

Apparently- we turned it off the day after Thanksgiving to ensure hot air didn't blow on our Christmas tree -the tree sits right in front of that vent. We must have neglected to turn it back on when we took down the tree in January as it was 62 degrees that day.

Here's the kicker. When I fixed the vent and the heat turned on to get our living room to a LIVEABLE temperature... Kylee curled up in a blanket, right at the vent, and took a nap. HONEST!!! My poor girl was so cold she took her blanket to the floor/wall just so she could feel the heat and she ended up falling to sleep.

I feel terrible. Yet at the same time, I'll admit I took a picture with my phone before moving her to her bed.

Unfortunately, this isn't the worst display of poor parenting skills on my part but I'll save that story for another day :)

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