Saturday, March 31, 2007

B-boy's First SOLO Bike Ride

So- our family bought bikes. Yup! We took the plunge. Each of the boys got a bike of their choice- B-boy a BMX bike and Beetle- a Power Ranger bike w/ training wheels. I got a Jeep Comanche bike to which K-girl is pulled along the back in a bike trailer.


Upon purchasing the Bikes... I took B-boy to the local park to teach him how to ride it.

(Forgive me Lord for my TERRIBLE ATTEMPT.)

I had NO IDEA how to teach him anything pertaining to a bike. All I knew is that I couldn't hold him on it for very long and he sure wasn't doing a very good job of balancing on the slow moving bicycle. After much frustration and sadly, louder toned speaking, (Fine! Yelling.) I told him I couldn't do it and that he would have to wait for Daddy.

Not a SHINING moment of motherhood in my opinion.

THANKFULLY- Paul came home, took him to the local park... and within TWO RUNS... had B-boy riding SOLO. Who knew? I couldn't have been more surprised.

I was out at a bike trail with the other two. I got a phone call on the way home saying that they had "practiced" riding but that B-boy would need more instruction and the sort. I agreed as I surely couldn't make anything happen when I was with him earlier that day.

When I was home for about 20 minutes... Paul came to me with him phone and said, "I had someone at the park take a video of me pushing B-boy around for you." I responded... "Why?" and started watching the video. And there he was... identifiable to me only because I'd selected his Long Sleeve Red Shirt and Blue Bike Helmet earlier that day... My 7 year old son...


Oh yes, alone. The tears fell. I've never been so proud. OF EITHER OF THEM. Of B-boy because he learned to ride his bike on the very day we bought it and of Paul because he had far more patience than I ever could have mustered in a year. AMAZING.

I'm in love with these boys in my life. How could I not be?

Again- sorry about the footage... Paul was recording him on his phone all the while making sure he didn't plummet into a hole, bounce off a pebble, or bang into a phone pole.

OH YEAH- about that... Paul.. next time, withhold from me the facts of B-boy ricocheting off a phone pole alright?? Great. Thanks.

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