Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Today we started our day at Trader Joes. For those of you who may not shop T.J's... it's a Whole Foods Alternative. Kids love to go there because they have a trolley in the back corner of the store AND a taster section with Apple Juice and foods of sorts.

We started our day there because today was DAY ONE of K-girl's (and in essence EVERYONE'S) new diet. We have been told that her best chance for beating Lyme is to not only treat with antibiotics but support her immune system by halting the ingestion of all sugars (refined, processed, as well as grains, breads, spaghettis etc.) K-GIRL LOVES HER SUGARS! She isn't Beetle, who frankly, could do without all together. So, in an effort to only offer her sugar free (and by sugar free I don't mean, sugar substitutes... I mean, no added sugars, all natural, grown that way...) foods, we headed to T.J's.

Nitrate free bacon... score. Nitrate free hotdogs... double score. Hummus, cucumbers, apples, garlic, cilantro, eggs, milk, peanut butter w/ no hydrogenated oils, salmon, tuna, EVOO... three small bags and a bag of frozens... you guessed it $118.42.

Holy Cow. Living healthy is EXPENSIVE. I'm guessing this doesn't last us a week. Raw foods rarely do. BUT I know that the foods, put into K-girl in particular, will pay back 10 fold by way of immune support and ultimately health.

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