Thursday, April 19, 2007

For Edification Purposes...

A friend of mine (Thanks Karla) has this quote posted on her myspace account. I'll admit quickly that she may well have had this posted there for months... even longer... and yet I JUST noticed it today. I'm not very current with myspace these days HOWEVER, when I saw this quote today... it really hit me.

"If a professed belief is not sufficient to promote action, then it would be better called an opinion or an idea or concept."
~Brian McClaren

I'm currently doing an old study called Experiencing God. I think the first time I did the study was when I was a freshman at Messiah College. It's all about the BASICS of the faith. It's about knowing God. Having a love relationship with Him. Knowing His will, where He is working and then agreeing with Him via obedience and allowing Him to work through you to accomplish His Will.

Brian McClaren's quote really seemed to second all that I am "relearning" in Experiencing God... I hope it motivates you to action also.

Also- another friend, (I make it seem like I come up with nothing on my own huh?) had posted on her site titles for each of the chapters found in the book of John to remind us of what John teaches us about Jesus in his book. She committed them to memory... I'm trying to do the same and thought I'd share this challenge for all interested. (Thanks Carolyn)

1. Christ, the Word
2. Christ, the Creator
3. Christ, the Savior
4. Christ, the Water of Life
5. Christ, the Deity
6. Christ, the Bread of Life
7. Christ, the Heavenly One
8. Christ, the Light in Moral Darkness
9. Christ, the Light in Physical Darkness
10. Christ, the Good Shepherd
11. Christ, the Resurrection
12. Christ, the Center of Attraction
13. Christ, the Servant
14. Christ, the Coming One
15. Christ, the Vine
16. Christ, the Preeminent One
17. Christ, the Intercessor
18. Christ, the Faithful One
19. Christ, the Lamb of God
20. Christ, the Victorious One
21. Christ, the Great Shepherd

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