Wednesday, May 2, 2007


OFFICIAL ANSWER- "Because we employ the best resources, the best equipment and the best people- providing a superior product. "

MY ANSWER- Because we sample out product often, because we allow employees numerous free drinks prior to-during- and after work, because we "mark out" (throw away) food items daily, because we dump Mocha bases- Chai- and the sort nightly, and mostly because we rebrew huge pots of coffee every hour on the hour despite the fact that 3/4 is still hot and available.


Why can't you get a drink at Starbucks for less then FOUR BUCKS???

Here's the thing that is GREAT for all of us. Starbucks does all of these seemingly wasteful things to provide the freshest most enjoyable products for you each time you come to one of our stores. They sample products to the consumers because they stand behind them and KNOW they are good. They allow employees to have beverages because they know that happy employees will not only remain loyal to the company but will provide better service to you, the customer. They "Mark out" food items because they are serious regarding the food quality standards. They will throw a pastry away or donate it before they will sell it below standard. They dump bases and Chai tea at night because they are in pumps and Starbucks stays true to cleanliness standards... the pumps and containers are to be disinfected and washed in 180 degree water so it is clean for you EACH DAY. And lastly- they dump coffee pot after coffee pot, hour after hour because those of you who come in at minute 59 of a brewing cycle want the same perfection in your cup of coffee as those of you who walk in at minute 2.

So- there you have it. THE ANSWER to the most asked Starbucks question-


BECAUSE, That's what it costs to get the BEST!

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