Saturday, May 12, 2007

Brenden's Quote of the Day...

"Mom, I look like Peter Parker. "

"Uhhh.. What?" (Usually I can put two and two together even when they only offer me ONE... but today, I had NO IDEA where he was going with this.)

"I look like Peter Parker when he was bit by a spider."

I guess at this point I should tell you he is standing before me only in his shorts... looking quite railish in my opinion. (Where did the baby fat go?)

Still having NO IDEA what he was referring to I said, "Uh...What?"

To which he "Struck a pose" (as Madonna would say) and said,

"I look like Peter Parker after he got bit by the spider and got all those muscles."


And yes, I made him do it again once I got my camera out because this story (and my memory of this story) would be nothing without this picture.

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Tara said...

:) That is so cute. And he's so big!!!!!