Friday, June 29, 2007

And now...the hard part.

I think I've been fairly honest about the fact that I am more a labor intensive/remodel type than I am an interior design/decorator type. HERE'S THE DILEMMA.... it's now DECOR time. Not sure what the heck to do about this all.

I purchased an 11x16 framed print today. It's currently hanging over my buffet (with the help of command velcro adhesives...NICE) Now I am wondering what else to do. What kinds of accent pieces I want. What colors. And where. I think the light on the buffet is temporary as I want to hang tea light sconces next to each side of the framed print. (Yea, or nea on that idea???)

The dishes are NOT going to stay there... I just have to get the china cabinet cleaned out.

The ficus (in opposing corner... visible in first post of the day) will be re-potted but I am searching out a nice pot (that's not white).

The seat cushions will add texture to the room also. (Lord willing I get to them in a reasonable manner.)

Other than that... I'm almost helpless. All recommendations will be acknowledged if not followed.

Thanks friends.


michelle said...

That buffet is perfect!
Good Job on the room. You can decorate, or should I say, You are decorating!
Way to go!

Gabbs said...

Hi Chelle...thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back anytime!

I think that looks great with the picture and everything. Good job. I love the whole dining room.

Marci said...

I've wondered where you've been. You've been busy! It looks wonderful. I like the buffet as is, and do leave some sort of plates/teacup arrangement in the middle like that. Keep the lamp too. Enough of my advice for the day. I love it! (Oh, got your message. That's fine to link my blog).

Anonymous said...

not bad for a decoratively challenged gal! i love the color and the look of the room! it looks a lot like my bedroom. a couple first thoughts...
-table runner that matches with seat cushions
-bowl of something...fake fruit, decorative balls, pine cones,vase of authentic fake flowers, ??? in center of table
-tea lights, hmmm....i'd have to see them, but it might look really nice...only, might be too much for that small wall part there when the adjoining wall has nothing.
-ever think of displaying a few china dishes on wall?
That's all i got for now. it looks great!--Tina

Anonymous said...

Hi you don't know me, I'm a visitor from Carolyn Master's blog. I love home decorating so have been following your work which is great! I think you should exhange the buffet and the corner china cabinet. The buffet fills up the whole space it is in now and I think would look better in a more open space on the long wall. Just an idea....

Chelle' said...

Meghan- thanks so much for posting. And thanks for the advice. I too wanted the buffet along the long wall but it's too deep. The China Cabinet is more narrow so it doesn't get in the way of the chairs from the table.

THANKS a ton for posting. I love all the advice I get and more so the fact that someone out there cares enough to read the blog. :)