Friday, June 22, 2007

The Dining Room...

Well Well Well... only the chair rail remains. The rest of the room is DONE. Unreal. I started this project on the June 4th... 3 weeks ago. Time flies when your house is in complete disarray huh??

Today I investigate methods of adhering chair rail to the wall. I wonder if something like "Command Adhesives" are made for these types of projects. Can you imagine? Apply sticker backs to chair rail, put chair rail on wall, when ready to remove chair rail... pull tab and off it comes. NICE. Don't think Command has moved into the Home Improvement/Chair Rail market as of yet.

I have to admit however, I would take anything over NAILING them in. I just don't want any HOLES in my walls. :)

Whatever the case, I am closing in on a finished room and I couldn't be happier. Here are a couple pictures of the walls latest appearance.

Did you see the chair rail to the left of the picture? Have to get that up today.

Do you love that I had my children hold the chair rail up to see what it will look like?

Ahhhh... remembering the before makes it easier to continue through to the end.


Marci said...

Looks good, Chels. Can't wait for the final post on this one. Isn't home renovation the best! We just met with our electrician this morning to pick out where we want outlets, cable jacks and phone jacks. Who knew that would be so interesting! ;)

Michelle said...

WOW...the red looks AWESOME!!!!

You did it!!!

Can't wait to see it....

Carolyn said...


I'll be posting pics of our place soon as we are going to try to sell it!

Michelle said...

Hey Girl!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

WOW...9 years...We have made it this far, now turning back now!