Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Paul's taken the kids to Sandcastle already this season but me, I've not yet made the trip. Not yet had to ensure bathing suits, towels, goggles, sunblock, water bottles, and passes etc were in the bag and ready to go. Not yet had to park 400 yards from the entrance, stand in a line to have my bag rummaged through and/or led my herd down the boardwalk past all the deep fried, high in fat, higher in cost foods, to get to the pool of choice so the kids could admire me as only children with season passes to water parks admire their parents.

BUT YESTERDAY I DID. I made that trip. I packed the bags, brought the towels, sunblocked the kids, put on the goggles, walked four football fields, waited in lines, ushered my kids passed the deep fried, smelled so good foods, and got in the pool with them. And to prove it- I took this picture.

SADLY- 15 minutes later... I took another picture. It was this one.

US LEAVING BECAUSE , WELL,do I need to offer a reason?

Nice Huh?

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Matthew said...

I swear there is no rain in sight and though I don't have to walk 4 football fields to get to my grandma's pool the effort is still great. All the packing of the towels, snacks, diaper bags and baby and as soon as I arrive the seven day drought is over....here comes the rain.