Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The 4th...

I wish I could say we had a wonderful day of events planned but sadly... we do not. We could have travelled into central PA to spend the "holiday" with Paul's families... but I picked up some extra shifts at work and Paul had lunch with a friend regarding a perspective job... so we are here.

Also quite sad is that we rarely have family here to visit. And almost NEVER for a holiday. So- it's just us today.

We spent the morning at a park while Paul cut the grass... then Beetle informed me that he wasn't feeling well. (Sad but true. Other two have already been down and out so by process of elimination... it's his turn.)

We are all home now. Grilling, playing X-box (a rare occasion at our home but since Beet's sick... I'm letting the boys play.) watering the plants... and waiting for the huge storm to come and make me mad I WASTED time watering the plants. NICE.

I have a few videos of the children at the park this morning. I'll upload them soon.

Beet and K-Girl climb and swing on the Jungle Gym.

B-boy goes vertical.

K-Girl swings her little heart out.

God, I love being a mom.

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