Thursday, July 26, 2007

Best Buy...

Alright people- this is not a real dilemma but it sure has me a bit annoyed today.

Paul won a sizable gift card to Best Buy. We've spent a good bit of time alternating between purchasing options... these four being the most discussed...

1. A 37 inch LCD, Flat Screen, HDTV.

2. Two 30 gig Apple I-pods, a Bose Docking Station, and a PS3. (Or gaming system of sorts...)

3. A Laptop. (Appealing isn't it???)

4. A Surround Sound System thingy.

Alright- in sharing our options with you I have to tell you that just looking into these options took well over 2 hours last night. And do you know what we purchased???


We walked out of Best Busy with nothing more in our hands than the hands of our children.

What's up with that?

1 comment:

Marci said...

Go for the TV!