Saturday, July 7, 2007

New Friends...

I love them. New friends that is. I suppose that could be number 104. (I told you I narrate my life numerically.)

Here's the thing... I really think friends are a gift you give yourself. Ok... fine, God gives them BUT we make the rewarding choice as to with whom and for what length of time we associate. How great is that?

And recently, because of my new job... I've met and made a few new friends.

Kristy- from work... eloquent, educated, steadfast, HILARIOUS, and yet quiet. Probably the complete opposite of me which is why I enjoy working with her so much.

Kherissa- manager from neighboring store... a long time acquaintance, new home owner, married, expecting her first... lives close- tons of things in common. I get to talk to her a lot as she is so close to my store for which I am grateful.

Sipps.... new friend Kelly... HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS. She is so much like me I can't stand it. Our humor is the same, very short, quick wit. Sarcastic. I could laugh with her for days on our one liners. She too likes scrapbooking. I predict a long paper trail of friendship for us. :)

and last, but not at all least- Kelly... my long distance (though see several times weekly) friend from Greensburg. She has kids our kids ages, loves antiques, estate sales, photography, internet (nice), is building a house (How great is that?) and well, is funny too... though not in a sarcastic way. (I could learn a ton from her huh?) I think I laugh a lot at the things she DOESN'T say (because I know she 's exercising discipline to NOT say things despite the fact that deep down she really wants to.)

Ahhh... new friends. They are right up there with having a baby (except they're cheaper and don't need their diapers changed... praise God.) buying a new house (except I don't have to pay ownership taxes- Good thing) and well... new jobs (except I don't get to negotiate higher salaries and or extended vacations... though thankfully I do get to borrow money for lattes and well, drop my kids off at their doors so I can get a moment to myself even if it's just to get a root canal. :)

And so, to my new friends... HI! And thanks for the laughs we've exchanged. I'm sure they're only the beginning.

Oh- and just so you know Christie, Kherissa, Sipps, and Kells...I won't be dropping my kids at your door with my hand outstretched looking for money for a latte. :) I only do that to my OLD friends. :)

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kelly said...

hey chelle I love that you wrote about me. lol. The only fleamarket I have come up with is on rt. 22 in Delmont (way out there), but I'm not giving up we will get together soon. Thanks again for the, Kelly