Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Note of THANKS...


Though I would be hard pressed to believe that either of our husbands read this blog... I wanted to be sure to note just how thankful I am (and Stacy too) for the time we were able to spend last night together- away from our children. :)

Both Paul and Rick, without much notice (and clearly without a thought of themselves) agreed to watch "our" SEVEN children while Stacy and I sat and talked at Starbucks. (And well... to be honest, stood and talked in Starbucks parking lot.)

What we are certain of... is that there have only been a few (as in countable on one hand) times that we've ever been able to get together without ANY of our children in the last 6 years. (Did I mention there are SEVEN children between us????)

And so, today I post with EXTREME GRATITUDE to both Paul and Rick for tending to our little beings, for reading to them before bed, for bathing (if you did that Rick :), and putting to bed the ones we care so much for, for calming the "where's mommy", and for shooing back to bed the oportunistic ones that knew Mom wasn't there to enforce bedtime... THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO SIT PEACEFULLY WITH A FRIEND AND COFFEE KNOWING THAT FOR ONE NIGHT... WE WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED CHILDREN OR TASKS !!!!

We love you BOTH and are grateful that you are the men in our lives.


Stacy- how fortunate I am to have spent my rare and infrequent work-less night, away from my children, sipping Starbucks...with you!!!


Anonymous said...

ditto, ditto, ditto. . . please pass those along to paulie. . . and where are the pics of the house? I saw the dining room which looks AMAZING . .are there more?

stacy said...

okay, so i don't get this yet. i'm the anonymous one . . its me, stacy!

michelle said...

Hey Chele,
I pulled the kids out of Swim Lessons. Long Story.....they aren't the same as they were when Ken and Perry were running them.
So, I won't be seeing you down there. I didn't see you the first 2 days, Figured K was still sick.