Saturday, July 14, 2007

Random Utterings...

First... I have a blog to post called, "Mother of the Year"... it's not finished yet but I am issuing fair warning. Spare a few minutes for me a little later to read the tale of how I WON'T win that title ANY TIME SOON!!!

Second... Tonight Paul and I reunited after a long day apart (details of that to be found in the MOTY blog)... we are sitting on opposite couches each on our phones- when out of nowhere I hear him yell... WHAT DOES HE WANT?!!!! I have to tell you... I don't who the HE in that sentence is to even begin to guess what the WANT is so I simply pause mid-sentence to stare at him. He jumps off the couch, to the front door and yells again- WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHY!!! WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME???

Clearly "minor concern" at this point is an understatement because... Ummm... WHO IS HE YELLING AT????? (Actually I suppose the correct grammar is, "TO WHOM IS HE YELLING"... but I'm not technically going for correct grammar in my blog. ..Just want you to know I am fully capable should the need ever arise.)

And then I find out.

A bird. Not just any bird. A cardinal. A yapping, chirpy, doesn't come up for breath, bounces from limb to roof to wire as if recruiting understanding with his loudness, CARDINAL!!!

Honestly, I didn't even HEAR the bird until Paul started yapping himself but once I was aware... I was OH SO ANNOYED. But luckily, not as annoyed as Paul. He was a wandering, rambling, HILARIOUS, fool. He followed the bird with his phone while he called people to listen to the bird chirp. He also came in the house for the camera to snap a shot of the little criminal.

So- I thought I'd share with you a candid of said cardinal.

Third- while Paul was following that bird, and the boys were following Paul, Kylee gave up and decided to play in the dirt with the spade. (Hand shovel thingie??) I caught a picture of her.

And lastly, while Paul was chasing the bird, and the boys were chasing Paul and Kylee was chasing the worms... the cat was watching it all. I think this is my favorite of all the pictures.


Tara said...

Can't wait to read that blog post. :)
Great pictures!!!!

Pam said...

Well, unless YOU ALSO spent the afternoon in the ER because your child climbed/fell 20 feet out his bedroom window (because he didn't want to nap), you don't win...not today at least. I do.

He's ok. Very very sore, but miraculously ok.