Tuesday, July 24, 2007

True Story...

So- it's a quarter after midnight and my heart has just settled back into my chest. It's been a busy few minutes here in the W-house.

I was sitting here at the computer, in our dining room (yes the new and improved dining room) sending an email to a friend (you're welcome Stacy for the picture :) when I heard a scuffle coming from the back yard.

Knowing that we have a cat... a cat that likes to get into things... I figured she was on the back porch and needed to be let inside. I walked toward the back door, turned on the light out back, and saw the neighbor cat in the back yard just beyond the porch.

The cat was staring on our porch so I assumed Miracle was sitting at the door waiting to be let in. LITTLE DID I KNOW...

There was a small tribe of RACOONS on our porch. Oh yes. RACCOONS.

I shut the door real quick and went to reach for my cell phone to take a picture (ALWAYS thinking of my kids... and though I know these cute little beasts are dangerous... they still see them as, CUTE.)

Here's the thing... when I turned around to go back to the kitchen door to take a picture of them on the porch... I saw the window in the dining room was open (With the screen in it) and thought it would be a better picture overall were I to take it from there. (The cat usually jumps from the railing which encases the porch to the window if we don't let her in through the door so it's a great view of the porch from that window...)

To my complete SURPRISE, as I went to lean into the window screen to snap a picture... a FREAKIN RACCOON stuck his little face into the same screen and SCARED THE BE-GEE-BEES out of me. Little bugger had jumped, climbed, something- up onto the railing and pressed his face against the same screen I was leaning into. Honest to G-d.

I don't know who spooked whom... I know my heart was racing. And somehow, the screen to our dining room was knocked off in the upper corner so when I noticed that I lunged to the window to ensure said raccoon wouldn't join me in my dining room for a late night snack.

I recruited Paul to help me scurry the little Coons away.

Won't the kids LOVE this story in the morning???

*3:00am Addition... I woke to a clatter and opted to try to film the disturbance in the dark with my phone... nice thought huh? Look close to find FOUR RACCOONS.


Marci said...

More than just Wargo wildlife out there, huh?

stacy said...

I guess it's from living in the country for so long . . but i can distinguish a racoon call anywhere! Those suckers can fight! love marci's comment, by the way! whoever she is . ..