Sunday, August 5, 2007

Finished? Almost.

And here are the final pictures of the living room- (minus the light switch and outlet covers that have yet to be put back on...)

I need a few more "thingies"... you know, objects of decor NOT of function. Could also be called "space takers". Things you don't ever use and are forced to dust. And I'll need a few more candles... and greens to go where the red flowers are next to the bamboo ladder replacing the red hydrangeas....and also green sconce shades instead of the yellow. (They were yellow in our previous living room... they need updated.)

Anyway, some loves of mine in this room... the wall color... the clock... the ladder... and for sure the mahogany bamboo roman shades. Can't say I don't like the slip covers, or the new pillows either. (wink wink)

Areas that need some attention- the carpet (ugh), the shelves, window toppers(?), and well, the entire tv corner. (What the heck?)

The TV dilemma... it is 300 pounds. Paul RARELY signs on to moving the beastly TV because of my decor whims. I would love it in a different corner of the room but Paul simply laughs. So it is where it is. The problem with it's location- I don't know how to decorate around it. Walls behind look plain. On top... no idea. Next to... ugh.

So I ignore that area and hope that when people are looking at it... it's because of FOOTBALL!!! (Thank Goodness it gets a GREAT picture.)

Alright- I have to get the wee ones, and Paul, ready for church.

Until then- this is how we will be living. :)


Anonymous said...

you do not need my decorating help, your living room looks so cute. see ya this week.

Tara said...

I agree with don't need help. It really looks GREAT! Don't worry about the TV. Does anyone have a really pretty TV? :)