Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Visual Post...

No Words Necessary :)


Michelle said...

Can you say BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Absolutly stunning!

Chelle' said...

Thanks Michelle. I'm still staring at the pictures despite the fact that she is coloring at the table next to me. :)

Marci said...


Tara said...

She's beautiful! :) Gorgeous pictures. I like the new colors on the blog, too!

Cheryl said...

SO cute! She looks precious in that first one with those big blue eyes! Adorable!

sallyt said...

Oh, there is nothing I love more than pictures of kids -- and this is one gorgeous little girl! Wowza... what a little love... I can just see her balking at dance class and I have to admire her sticking to her guns (even if it is to her detriment)... she'll figure it out, no doubt... at least by the time she's 16!! LOL.
a new friend,

Anonymous said...

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