Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Long Halloween...

Like many of you we started our day early. Store to store- last minute needs. The kids dressed in their costumes for most of the day. It sparked attention and comment from most that we came in contact with...

We went to Chic Fil A for lunch as they were celebrating kids in costumes with free milkshakes. (Woo-Hoo!!!) Then we headed to Starbucks... where they celebrated mothers with kids in costumes with 4$ lattes. (OK fine... so it wasn't a celebratory deal- you can pay that anyday... but if that's how I choose to view my drink yesterday... so be it!)

Just before getting to church for Trunk or Treating we stopped at Target only to run into my friend Stacy and her youngest on a hunt for candy collection bags. (God love her for even caring what her kids dropped their candies in... :)

Paul also met us there as he works across the street and we all decided to go back to Stacy's house for dinner.

What a night of fun. Dinner with 4 adults and 7 children .... everyone should experience that at some point. Our kids are such good friends that they treat one another as siblings. Which by the way can be both adorable AND annoying. :)

Then we headed up to the church for trunk or treating. I confess my lack of picture taking at this event. I took one picture of the boys in their costumes... before leaving the house... IN THE AFTERNOON. Here you go.

All in all... we did well. We got home last night around 9:30 and put the wee ones straight to bed. I think I was asleep by 10.

A sad note in our day: We had to take our cat, Molly to the vet... and well, were unable to bring her home. The vet said it was in her best interest to be "put down." I won't make this more than it is in that she wasn't our lap cat... our friendly cat... but despite her need to keep her distance from us... she was ours, and we adopted her right when we foundout we were pregnant with B. 9 years ago almost. So last night was a bit tricky as B was without question the most impacted.

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