Friday, November 9, 2007

Small Group

Last night Paul and I had the privilege of getting together with a new small group. This group meets at our church and has 6 other couples. We spent time getting to know one another and discussing topic options for the focus of the group. It seems we have all agreed on reading through and studying the book, "Desire" by John Eldredge.

I'm so excited. Not only for the study- time in the word, opportunity to grow in the Lord and with my husband... but for the time we'll have with other couples (some with children) with like-minded thoughts... goals... and well- desires.

I can't wait to see what God does in and through this group.


michelle said...

We started in a small group last year and it totally changed us!

The just picked a book this year and we are starting back up on Saturday. We are doing "The Way of the Master" From Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. I am so excited to start this. Some other small groups and Sunday School classes in our church are doing this book and it's supposed to be amazing.
I'll let you know!

Michele said...

That sounds exciting. I don't know you but I do know you love the Lord so please pray for me and David as we are trying to get more involved in Sunday School or small group. I work at my church (Preschool Director for 10 years) and have not been involved in SS for at least 8 years! We are feeling disconnected and really desire some good Godly friends to hang out with and fellowship.

Thanks, Chelle. I'm so glad I just "happened" to find your blog.