Sunday, December 9, 2007

Please Pray...

We received a phone call over an hour ago from friends that attend our old church in Colorado Springs. (New Life) Apparently there was a gunman on premise and shots fired. Facts are scarce at the moment... CNN doesn't seem to be covering it. We only have what our friends tell us which is that 4 are confirmed dead (like I said that is information from their local news and is preliminary... ) and that the shooter is in custody.

Not sure if this is connected to the shooting earlier today (shortly after midnight about 70 miles from New Life at WYAM- youth with a mission) where two people were killed and others injured... The shooter was not detained.

Please pray for all involved. It's unsettling when you can't even go to church without the possibility of gunfire.

Makes me long for the Lord's return.

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Joanne said...

This just reminds me what a small world we are in...last night at work, one of the other dispatchers and I were talking about this heartbreaking story.

Keeping your friends and the Body of Christ lifted up today my sister.

Love, Joanne