Friday, January 11, 2008

Lyme Update... Prayer NEEDS.

I went to my Doctor two days ago. Despite the fact that I have to go monthly... I really NEEDED to go this time! I have been having terrible symptoms recently. Well, not recently... since I got off antibiotics in April of last year. (Excuse me while I kick myself real quick.)

When I stopped taking my antibiotics, I had two months of terrible joint pain followed by a month of cardiac issues. (Documented with a halter monitor: palpitations, skipping, racing, pounding heartbeats etc...) The fourth month off meds brought the neurological symptoms full force. Muscle twitches all over but consistently in my neck, muscle weakness... particularly in my neck, difficulty swallowing, internal vibrations, inability to sleep more than 3 hours a night, etc.

I went back on medicine shortly before Disney but have not found the antibiotics to be gaining ground against the current, less than comforting, symptoms.

When I saw the Dr. he said that

1. I need to go on IV antibiotics as well as additional oral antibiotics.
2. I need to go on a sleeping pill.
3. (Most unsettling) I need to go back to Neurology/ENT for throat, swallowing, muscle tests.

*Sidenote- it's NEVER good news when your Lyme doctor refers you to the Neurologist. NEVER.

In addition to the actual doctor appointment- I received a phone call from the Home Infusion company that my doctors' office works uses for the administration/sustaining of the IV. They explained that they are out of network according to my insurance company and therefore the cost of the 2 months of IV meds, oversight, home nursing care etc would be absorbed soley by us.

In contacting my insurance company...they said they are willing to cover 90% of the expense providing I stay "in network".

SO- here's where the PRAYER NEEDS come in...

1. Pray for favor. That the Lord would intervene and cause the Insurance company and my doctors office to work together on my behalf.

2. That the insurance company would cover all expenses, minus my 10%, without additional monthly prescription drug copays. (Including meds, shipment, home visits, case management costs etc.)

3. That the IV would cause the symptoms to CEASE!!! That my body would respond to the medications and that there wouldn't be any side effects to the placement and or maintenance of the IV itself. (Last time I did this I threw a bloodclot and had to go to the ER, have the IV removed, and a new line inserted the following day. )

4. That I would continue to find peace in serving God even in trial. That His will for my life in this very moment- that He alone- would be my focus and desire only. That I would continue to take captive all thoughts not of Him especially those rooted in fear and unbelief. And most importantly that He alone would be glorified.

I'm so grateful for all of you. And I know I will have a multitue of PRAISE REPORTS to share soon. God is so faithful. He is so, so, so faithful. May we all know the HEALER HIMSELF as we go before Him ... Prayer is indeed effective and I love knowing that I am seeking Him in your company.

Thank you.


Marci said...

I'm praying!

Tara said...

I'm sorry to hear about the continuing symptoms and have my prayers.

Just picked up your message (ha ha, free Wii). Let me know if CK wins the contest. :) You are too funny.

Joanne said...

I have been on a blog fast...hubby is not too thrilled with ALL the time I can spend with friends like you Chelle.

I saw this post and had no idea that you were hurting this much. I knew you were in pain, but this is just way over the top from what I imagined. Of course nothing is impossible with God, I know. It is much easier for me to type that than to believe it sometimes.

I will be praying for you friend. There is no doubt that God has been doing a work in you. Just read some of your posts if you don't believe me.

My sister always says, 'What we are going through we are growing through.' I pray that you come out of this hurting time, much older and wiser in Him.

Even Lyme disease will not be wasted Chelle. Anyone who watches you will have their socks knocked off by your Jesus!

Love you, Joanne

Mari said...

Hi Chelle - I'm here from Joanne's blog. I'll add you to my prayer list. I'm sorry you are dealing with this, but your testimony through it is great!

Fran said...

Your sweet friend Joanne sent me over here and please know that I am praying for you. I am praying for those specifics right this second. May His favor shine on you. May His peace and love and mercy cover you. Fill his presence and give Him every anxiety, worry and fear. In return, He'll bless you with courage and confidence.

Blessings friend~

So Blessed said...

I will be praying for you...I, too, have Lyme disease. I have been off treatment for a while and am starting to think I need to resume it. I can honestly say that during my worst times of being sick, my relationship with our heavenly Father grew the most. And so, I have learned to give thanks in all circumstances. May He bless you abundantly with His healing touch.