Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

Phew! I almost missed it. Not that I wasn't thinking about my post all day... just that I wasn't ready to post it till now.

I have much to be thankful for... but today I have picked a FINISHED kids' room to rejoice in.


Today I put up the Spiderman Border (a last minute request from the near 6 year old to ditch Transformers and decorate in S-man instead), added S-man stickers, bought a S-man poster, bought new bed spreads, and added a new S-man rug and hamper. (It's hard to be a boy these days huh?)

As for madame Blondie... she required no less effort. Today I put up her Hannah Montana wall sticker, added a Hannah Wall Art, put K-girl's name in letters on her wall, added an iron on decal to a new lamp shade, spray painted her end table white and decorated it with Hannah Montana photos and modge podge... and gave her a new Hannah pillow and fleece blanket. Ahhhh... the life of the 3 year old girl in our home. Rough.

Yes- it has been a lot of work in the last 2 days... but I AM SO THANKFUL for the opportunity to give my children their own space that they enjoy. The three of them do share a room but it is a big room. And though to some it may seem many people have 4, 5, and 6 bedroom homes... the blessings found in our current arrangement are endless.

God wouldn't have us here if He didn't have a purpose right???

Here's some pictures of the room (almost) finished. There are a few things that will go in the room after their birthday parties (which is why there is empty space on the walls.)

Psssssst.... don't tell K-girl but she is getting a "Lucky Lu-Lu" (Hannah Montana's guitar) for her b-day- and it will have a place to hang on the wall. Yippee!

By the way- I just tried "Spell check" in the event it decided it wanted to work again... and IT DOES!!! And so- today on Thankful Thursday- I am also thankful for a Spell Checker that works again. Lord knows I've missed it.


A Stone Gatherer said...

The room looks great, so individualized! When you were mentioning your little girls part I thought of mine little one. I put her name on the walls too! My Bekah's room is very pink! You can see it here if you want I don't know if that worked. Oh Well have a great day!

Beth said...

You sure have been busy! The room looks great!

And thanks for mentioning spell check! I have given up even trying it!

girlymom said...

It is so nice to meet someone else who has three children in one room. We have an old house, with plenty of room for everyone, but a few of the rooms upstairs aren't the traditional "bedroom" You have to walk through two of the rooms to get from the front of the house to the back (2 set of stairs) one of the rooms was at one point used as a kitchenette and we haven't ripped all of that out yet. Needless to say that room has dressers and desks. My oldest two share a Q bed in one room, Annie currently has her own room, in a room with 2 twins and a toddler bed. The baby has her own room with the crib. Plenty of room, we are happy. The part that confused me was when we announced we were expecting with the baby...people kept asking me...where are you going to put her? Hmmmm

~On the roof
~In the shed
~Maybe the basement, plenty of room there... Seriously!

I think your children's room looks wonderful and they will be very close because they have to learn to get along, they can't go sulk and hide behind a closed door because someone upset them... but that's just my opinion.

We just added a kids guitar to the house...consider yourself warned, you are in for some IntEreStInG concerts!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, children's room only look this good in pictures. Crazy woman, you should have birthday parties more often, the whole house gets a make over. Want to come to my birthday party!!! The sad part is you get the house fixed every room and you sell so someone else can enjoy it. It look great Chel

Michele said...

Hey, I thought it was just my spell check!