Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday, in an effort to be a good mom and treat my children to a day out as they've been so good to tolerate my schedule recently, I took them to McDonalds.

To our surprise and delight they moved on from the Spiderwick toys (Hallelujah) to Pirate and Princess toys. (Now I look like a hero... McD's, play area, cool toys... the trifecta.)

As we walked through the first set of doors however, there stood a payphone. My daughter, in her limited awareness (of all things AND how the heck her question was going to make me feel) said, "What's that??" and she pointed to said phone.

Worse than that... my eight year old, in a clear attempt to throw his mom under the age bus, SECONDED her question.


I'm fairly certain my new mission in life will be to familiarize my children with the awareness and use of the "payphone" so that one day, when someone asks, "What's that" (as they see one in a museum clearly... I didn't even know payphones were still resurrected anywhere let alone in use at a McD's...) I digress...

So that one day, my children can feel just as OLD as I did when posed that terrible question.

Ahhhhhh- kids.


Angie said...

Chelle`-I am delighted to add you to the give-away list! Thanks for hoping over!
I noticed you are currently reading Beth Moore's Bible Study on Jesus! That will be my next give-away...but since you have it, you can "add your thoughts" at the time! I had bought my copy at Christmas to enjoy with my two sisters and since one went to be with Jesus....I just haven't had the heart to open it yet by myself...anyway! I will! But I bought another copy to give-away! It will be my "mother's day giveaway!" Come on back!

Angie said...

Oh, one more thing...I saw an award on your blog...that I would love to "give" to someone...would you mind? It is the You Make My Day award. A sweet blogger has encouraged me on a daily basis through the loss of my sister last month. Let me know. Thank you!

Mari said...

Oh yes - those things have happened to me too and I'm sure will happen again.
My hubby and I were actually just talking about this - that you could probably not find a pay phone around if you wanted one!

girlymom said...

That is too funny- who'd a thought!

Rebekah said...

I had to use a pay a few years back and I couldn't get the darn thing to work. It wasn't until telling the story later that someone pointed out that the call was 35 cents... not 25 cents. (as I was ranting about putting a quarter in the machine).
Long pause for the information to process... then I finally got it.