Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks Mari.

This morning, over at Mari's Little Corner of the World, I took a typing test and loved it. It's difficult at first because you are not typing actual thoughts or sentences... just commonly used words. But when you can transition your thoughts to common words and incomplete sentences... you are good to go.

Here's my stats from the test. (And though I once had 95 listed... it was just my changing the HTML info so I could mess with my dear friend Tara who is a super speedy typer and registered 93 wpm on her test... WHAT????????) I am back to my ACTUAL stats here... I worked my way up to 72 folks. Best I can do.

You type 381 characters per minute
You have 72 correct words and you have 1 wrong words

72 words


Take the test. It's only 60 seconds and it's fun if nothing else.

Thanks Mari.


girlymom said...

You must cruise...I had a hard time getting used to the random words, then when you get to the last one it takes a sec to switch to the next set...ok, so I had 49, I need more practice! Fun times though thanks for sharing!

Have a great day Chelle!

Tara said...

Beatcha. 87! You think I'd blog more with mad skillz like that.

Mari said...

I had a hard time with the random words too - you really beat me!

Tara said...

Ack...93. You win. :)
Good thing they don't include any numbers, though. I would probably be down in the 20s.

Tara said...

You cheater!!!! :)

I was so tempted to keep going, too, but I could only ignore the crying, dripping, sniffling, sticky baby for so long...

A Stone Gatherer said...

O.K. so far up to 57 per minute, but I have to stop! ARGH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good should look into type at home with that number! I got 68....have to keep working!

Rebekah said...

Good deal for you. I can type fast but when I take a test, I start thinking too much and slow way down. weird