Friday, March 21, 2008

Thoughtfulness and Gratitude...

Recently a couple of fellow bloggers have thought of me, and this blog, as they distributed awards. First, Mari, from My Little Corner of the World gave me the Free to Fly Award.

The Free To Fly Award is described by it's creator in this way...

"Like a butterfly becomes beautiful,by living a quiet life, hidden for a season,while beauty develops on the inside.That same butterfly has to go through a season of struggle before it is Free to Fly! Once it IS Free to Fly,that butterfly NOW has a beauty we all are blessed to see."

To say that I am humbled is an understatement. To think that anyone reading this blog would find me, or any of the words I share here, a blessing... is humbling to say the least. This act of kindness from Mari, and all others that have and may think enough of The World Of Chelle' to give an award... demonstrates the very nature of the Lord. And so- THANK YOU to Mari and also to Rebekah who has given the award below.

Rebekah has given the You Make My Day award. Here's what it's about, "people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land." (Aren't these bloggers the best???) And so to Mari and Rebekah- I send back the same awards as clearly you deserved them and your kindness to redistribute to The World Of Chelle' and others brings a smile to my face.

Now- in true Blog-Award fashion... I want to share the wealth. So- I am sending a few awards to blogs I frequent daily... and also one to a new friend.

First- the Free To Fly Award...

1. Mari(I am giving it back to the one who gave it to me because clearly she deserved it first. :0)
2. Joanne(I know I seem biased here but she truly inspires me to be who I am in Jesus just by the life she lives. Furthermore- she has just spread her wings to fly as she has started writing her book!!!)
3. Girlymom (Everyday I am challenged in the Lord to be a better wife and mother by her posts. She is clearly walking the walk long before she talks it.)

And next- the You Make My Day Award-

1. Rebekah(Rebekah has made my day ever since popping in on my blog a couple months back. I enjoy her blog on a daily basis and know you will too.)
2. Angie (Whose blog encouraged me the other day as did she today when she left the sweetest comment on my blog reminding me of these awards... I wanted to send this one her way. Thanks for making my day.)
3. Melanie (AKA BigMama. She makes my day EVERYDAY. Her blog is hilarious. If you've never been -PLEASE visit her... you will thank me. Melanie- I wanted to thank you for making my EVERY day... even if you'll never read this because you're a big wig in the world of blogging ;-)

What a blessing to "know" each of you.


A Stone Gatherer said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Mari said...

Chelle' - you truly are an inspiration! Congrats on your awards. I love to visit your blog and you do make my day!

Angie said...

Girl---you brought tears to these green eyes of mine! Thank you sweet newfound friend!!!

What a blessing you are!!

girlymom said...

Chelle~ You are such a sweetheart to say that about me, I truly appreciate it! It actually made me smile and laugh a bit because I am always inspired by you. You have amazing faith, a true gift in showing that faith. I am a faithful person, but a bit sheepish in sharing, so for me to see that my faith shows through, even unintended...makes me smile. Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Easter!

Michele said...

You deserve it sweet girl! By the way, you always find the best music.

Joanne said...

Ok, now you have just put some pressure on me. I have only typed out 1500 words!

Thank you my friend, I just love ya to pieces.

Love, Joanne

..and you completely deserve both of these awards 100X over!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the honor. You deserve them both. Happy Easter