Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who needs enemies when you have friends like these...

A good friend, Brenda, who has also suffered through Lyme Disease sent me something in the mail the other day.

Having no idea what it was I tore into it. How exciting I thought. A friend has thought of me and sent me a little something in "snail mail" (the most fun form of mail of all time)

As I opened it the children crowded me. What is it Mom? What did you get?? They could hardly stand the suspense.

Then I pulled it out. A green, fuzzy, soft adorable snake??????? COOOOOOOOL!!! said the boys. Can we have it? And for a second I thought- "Well, what the heck am I going to do with it?" until I read the note.

"Chelle', can now purchase a plush stuffed animal replica of the bacteria that has reeked total havoc on our lives!!!... I found this when we were in NYC last weekend... at FAO Swartz along with a whole host of other diseases (mad cow, black fever, e coli, etc.) . Thinking of you as you work to kill off all the cute, little fuzzy green lyme bacteria. (AND MY FAVORITE PART OF HER NOTE TO ME----) Clearly the person who designed this plush has NEVER had the disease!"

No kidding that person has never had Lyme because if they did the "stuffed animal" would be stuffed with thousands of wasted dollars, probiotics, yeast infection meds, ER bills, supplements, and well- wouldn't be CUTE and or FUZZY at all!!!!

Brenda- I love it. And the kids are NOT allowed to play with it as it is mine. And in the moments when I am feeling icky due to Lyme etc... I will look on this plush and smile. Thanks for thinking of me.

I would also like to add to this post a link to a lady who wrote a story regarding what her life is like with a chronic condition... she has lupus but her "Spoon Theory" represents all that I endure on a regular basis.

If you're wondering what it is like- feel free to go to her site and read "The Spoon Theory".

Have a blessed day.

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Mari said...

How sweet of her to send that cute little bacteria to you. When you're feeling yucky, you could throw it, hit it...!