Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Horizontal Stop-Sign...

Ballet is a family favorite around here. K-girl spends an hour a week at a studio practicing ballet, tap and baton. She's been doing this since September of last year. Her class has learned several routines in which the girls will perform, in costume, next month at their recital.

Last night Jess, K-girl's best ballet friend's mom, called me with just about the funniest story ever. (Though let me preface- it is shady. INNOCENT but oh so shady! Please don't read if you will be offended.)

Jess's daughter went home after ballet to find her dad there. She decided she wanted to do her baton routine for her dad so Jess sat back and enjoyed the show. At one point in the routine, Angie (their ballet teacher) says "Horizontal Stop-Sign Around the back around the front" so the kids know what motions to do. As Jess watched her daughter perform she heard her say, "Whores on a stop sign..."

To which she of course responded, "Honey- what did you say?" And her daughter, as innocently and as proudly as the first time repeated, "Whores on a stop sign..." and continued on with her routine.

To those of us that hear Angie call out key phrases each week... this three year old's rendition sure had us going. Matter of fact it had Angie going too because I called her with the story late last night. I told her that maybe next year, should she need to do the same series of movements in a routine... she'd consider using this new phrase because clearly it's a catchy one.



Anonymous said...

I still crack up everytime I think about it. I love my kid and her filty mouth. LOL

Mari said...

That is funny! I love these stories when kids mix words up.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Too Cute! Ya gotta love what they hear!

Michele said...

So funny! Get this, you are a High School Musical family too, I guess. Jenna sings, "We're whoringing, we're flying." Instead of soaring!

Tara said...

Funny. :)
But what in the world is a horizontal stop sign??

Rebekah said...

lolol, too cute

Anonymous said...

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