Friday, April 4, 2008

"Your Trendy Blog Name isn't as cool as you think it is...

...furthermore, if I see one more flower in the header..."

Alright now, don't be offended. There's a reason I've posted the above statement. And I think it offers a whole host of insight into the world of men... HUSBANDS to bloggers, specifically.

Last night after I returned from work around 10pm, I sat at the table with the laptop while eating. I had no purpose on the laptop other than surfing blogs. My husband, who has noted his disdain for ever being included in this blog- but also has admitted to NEVER reading this blog- came behind my chair and started massaging my neck/back.

As I continued to surf... clearly reading over my shoulder-he uttered blog names, casually commented on headers and then said this, "I want a blog and want to call it- 'Your trendy blog name isn't as cool as you think it is...'"

To which I said I could have it up and running by 11pm. He is very funny. Dry humor. Hilarous!! And wouldn't a blog be a great outlet for the many random thoughts he has...

Thoughts such as,

*ARE MUSTACHES EVER APPROPRIATE? (Oh yes- he has many a thought on this... just the other day I had to listen to a 20 minute diatribe on the matter.)

*WHY DOES CHRIS GLORIOSO REFUSE TO CUT HIS HAIR and more importantly, in a news market like N.Y. why are they not mandating it?

* MOM HUMOR- anything funny to mom's that they then believe hysterical enough to share wtih the men in their lives by where the men confirm how COMPLETELY WRONG Mom humor is. (ex. I told him he would love Big Mama's blog as she has hilarious, dry humor every day.

So I read him this exerpt- Yesterday I went to see my ob/gyn. Of course, since I’m not pregnant, I guess he’s just my gyn. The ob part of his duties have been fulfilled. Although truth be told he wasn’t on call the night Caroline was born and his partner was busy with an emergency c-section so she literally had her hands full. Satan was my nurse and refused to give me the epidural because she wasn’t convinced I was in labor which, at that point, was the equivalent of saying she wasn’t sure if I was pregnant. But, really, I’m over it. I certainly don’t mention it to him every time I see him. And, hypothetically speaking, if I do mention it every time I see him it’s only because I’m waiting for some kind of plaque or even a small trophy rewarding my heroic efforts for getting to ten centimeters without the aid of an epidural when my original birth plan clearly stated I’d like the epidural two weeks prior to delivery.

He confirmed to me that THIS is indeed a prime example of Mom-Humor. Not funny to anyone else apparently. Well, I thankfully find it to be hilarious and will continue to read Big Mama's blog DAILY.)

* TOY PACKAGING- industrial strength, gold infused, steel encased PLASTIC packaging that makes many a parent look WEAK and incapable of getting said toy out of its package in an appropriate amount of time (as opposed to it taking to long and the child believing their parent to be a wuss since it takes so long to open the new toy.)

* POOR BLOGGING GRAMMAR- He hates the use of ... and etc. He constantly has an opinion on the fact that just because it's a blog doesn't mean grammar gets thrown out the window...

(Did you see what I did there? End it with ... Funny huh?)

TRUST ME when I say this is just a small, random sample of the topics one would find on my husband's blog, "Your Trendy Blog Name Isn't As Cool As You Think It Is" If I can get him to post... I'll link you guys over. :0)


Joanne said...


Please put me first on the "Paul Blog" list. Being married to a man who also finds pure disdain in my blogging career and is gifted with dry, sarcastic, wit...I would LOVE to hear just what your paul has to say.

Oh, and make sure to tell him that I have some great flower ideas for the header. Man type flowers, of course.

Blessings, Joanne

Mari said...

My husband doesn't get this whole blogging thing either. I would never get a post out of him. He has humored me a few times when I am trying to get pictures!

Rebekah said...

I think you need to post some of your hubby's stories. once he sees how funny we think he is, he will want to post all his own.

Kenzie Stanfield said...

Hey girl-
... Good post : ) He sounds awesome!

Would you do me a favor and email me?? I think you have my email but I want to put you on my email when I send out the t-shirt design?


Love ya,

Beth said...

I'm going to try not to be offended since I have a flower graphic in my header. But at least I don't think my blog name is trendy. In fact, I think it is rather boring.

I agree with your husband that the news anchor needs a hair cut. And

I also agree that toy packaging is way over they top. I have come to loathe birthdays and Christmas mornings because I know there will be lots of tears - all mine as I try to open the darn toys!

But come on now - he can he not find Big Mama to be funny? What about BooMama? Surely he finds her hilarious?

I bet he reads these blogs secretly and laughs and laughs!

Christine said...

How funny! My husband doesn't understand why I waste my time in blogland but I did get him to write a post on one our blogs about two months ago. He'll come around.