Saturday, June 14, 2008

PLEASE... watch this trailer.

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I try not to make this blog about my battle with Lyme Disease. I try to limit my discussions on it because I never want to elevate this disease in my life ABOVE God. If I do discuss it I always try to shout the praises of all God has done in my heart and life through the course of this disease. (And there are truly MANY praises to shout... )

But today- I need you to see the other side of the disease. Because the disease is so very real in my daily life, and because it is so present in our population, and because odds are you're not hearing about it from your medical community... I need you to watch this trailer.

I've linked you to the page where there is a synopsis regarding Lyme and the movie... the "View Trailer" link is on the left sidebar at the bottom. PLEASE take 2 minutes to view it... please.

It released at the Tribeca Film Festival and is getting amazing feedback. There is one line in the trailer where someone says, "At one point this is going to affect enough people that the question is going to be posed (to government) what do you know and how long have you known it?" That is something I think about everyday.


Mari said...

I have been wondering about how you were doing with this. I have never thought that you center your blog on this disease and it is a big part of your life. I'll check out the trailer.

Mari said...

I have been wondering about how you were doing with this. I have never thought that you center your blog on this disease and it is a big part of your life. I'll check out the trailer.

Joanne said...


I couldn't see the picture but could hear the sound. I don't think we have the Quick Time program to watch it.

But I read the site and it blows my mind that you have this disease. It made me stop and think for a moment if I really want to take my whole family back east.

So scary. I prayed for you tonight.

Blessings my friend, Joanne

p.s. I will give you a jingle tomorrow. When I was able to call you today it was 3pm my time and I knew I would just get your answering machine.

Vic said...

Thanks for putting something in your blog! I am amazed at your courage and strength to pull through this and put all of this beyond you while blogging. With it being such a big part of your life. You certainly do amaze me.

Keep up the good work. I will be praying for you.


Rebekah said...

You don't center your blog around you disease. Post whatever you want about it- good days and bad days- so we can Thank God or add an extra prayer for you that day.

I didn't know much about this disease and reading your blog, especially this post, has educated me. I will be much more aware thanks to you.

Rebekah said...

Also, do you have any posts about how or when you realized what was going on? Do you remember getting bit by a tick? Was there some other way you became infected?

Nancy said...

Your posts of this horrible disease are very informative and can only shed light on something that is rarely heard about. I did watch the trailer and found it very troubling. Keep us all aware of how you are doing so we can pray for you... Hugs

Tara said...

This is scary. :( I was just talking to someone last weekend about Lyme and I didn't know that many doctors don't actually think it exists! That really surprised me. Did I tell you I found a tick crawling around in Charlie's crib??? Thankfully his small body is easy to check, but it makes me scared considering we have animals..and woods....

Michele said...

Hey Chelle-just wanted you to know I miss hearing from you. Hope everything is OK. I'm in the middle of preparing for VBS. Haven't watched this yet but hope to soon!

Colored With Memories said...

Wow. I just watched the video. I'm eager to learn more. Like Rebekah said, I'd love to hear more of your personal story with the disease.

Lelia Chealey said...

I just cried my way through the beautiful comment you left on Beth Moore's blog. I bet your words just encouraged her heart so much.
I will look at this video tomorrow as my computer here doesn't cooperate with video.
What a testimony you have!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing that! Nice to be more educated...even if it is very scary!!