Thursday, May 8, 2008

SOLD OUT! I want my money back.

Time to fess up.

A few weeks ago I was at BigMama's blog reading her post about blog pet peeves and the sort. I was glad she was addressing this because I have a pet peeve... and I figured everyone else shared the same one so I was excited to jot it down in a comment.

My pet peeve is the jumbled letters you have to decipher and copy at the end of some posts. Call me lazy but I just typed a bunch of letters so that I could post... I don't want to have to scroll down and use my mind to figure out and type additional letters.

Well, to my complete surprise- FEW people mentioned this as a pet peeve. BUT what they did mention... was MUSIC on blogs. MUSIC.

I found myself in a pickle. Call me naive but I really believed people to love my music. A few have even commented that they come to my site at times JUST for the music. And I believed them because statcounter would show them here for hours and there's just not enough interesting reading material here to visit for hours unless you're my mom and even then... you pretty much know everything before it hits the blog and only come for the pictures. (Hi Mom. Love you)

So- here's the fessing up part. As you may have noticed... I conformed to the patterns of this world... I sold out to the peer pressure of the many that complained on Melanie's blog about music. I took the playlist off my site. Not because I was finished with it. Not because I felt my site was better without the music. But because I felt if I was ever going to have a lot of readers, a lot of comments... I needed to not offend or annoy people. (Ummmm- odds are, if people read, they will likely be annoyed or offended at some point by what I say anyway right? I mean- how many of you are still stuck on the fact that I admitted how much I hate the jumbled letters I fill out in order to leave a comment on your site? :0)

All this to say- THE MUSIC IS BACK. I like the music. I want the music. And though I would love to know many people enjoy stopping by... the truth is... I want to be true to this blog and myself. So- I have re-added the playlist and, in the spirit of compromise, discontinued autostart. If you would like to hear music you can scroll to the bottom of the page and press play.

My new favorite song leads the list... Mercy Me's Bring The Rain.

Oh Mercy Me- How I Love Thee.



Mari said...

I hate the letters, they drive me crazy. I like some music - the only time I don't like it is I have more than one window open at a time and I have several songs going at once. But - you can turn off the sound, and that's what I do. I like your music and I'd be back even if I didn't.

Tara said...

I admit it, I'm one who isn't a fan of music on blogs, but I have once or twice visited your site just to listen to the music. However, I usually mute the music when I visit sites that have it. But I still love your blog, Chelle'.

Thanks for your message tonight. CK's getting better, I now have his cold, and otherwise feel about the same. ;)

Mama Abby said...

Thanks Chelle! I love the playlist and missed it! Yeah!!! Good compromise too! Too bad we couldn't figure out more of those that year we were all living together;-) Love you! !

Rebekah said...

I, for one, have no problem with music on blogs. To me, a persons taste in music says so much about who they are- and blogging is all about finding the 'real' in people. plus, I have come across some great songs on blogs I read.

And if someone is playing something loud and annoying to me, I can always turn down the volumn. So play on with your music, I wont stop visiting- even if you play something I dont like

Anonymous said...

I must say that I read your blog pretty often and the music is something I look forward too! So, thanks for the great songs!

Michele said...

I LOVE the music. I am so obsessed with music now that I have to match the music to my blog.
The only music I don't like is when you have to wait forever for it to come on. Keep it up Chelle! I'm glad to be back to your blog. Feels like I've been gone forever. By the way, I'm sure I'm one of those who stays on for hours.

michelle said...

I AM one of those people that use it as music as I go about my day.
I LOVE THE MUSIC and am happy that its back!

Love ya girl,

michelle said...

I AM one of those people that use it as music as I go about my day.
I LOVE THE MUSIC and am happy that its back!

Love ya girl,

Jess said...

I LOVE the music! And I realize not everyone appreciates having it on the blog, but it's just me. My greatest passion in music, and my mind just sees everything through songs (even though I don't like musicals ? go figure...).
And, girl if you have not checked out Mercy Me's blog yet, you've got to go take a look. It's hilarious. They just have a great time and keep the fans connected to what they're doing and where they're at. It's too fun to check in with them! :)

And if you want to be on their roll call list, just leave your blog site on a comment and they'll add you!


(ps... I'm not a big fan of the decoder stuff either. ;) shhhh...)

Joanne said...

Preach it sister girlfriend!

I personally don't mind hearing music when I go to blogs. I have many pet peeves...MANY...but that is not one of them.

I stopped my music because I was bored of my music selections. That is why I LOVE coming to your blog. Just like a kid, when I hear your music, for some reason I like it better...

Happy Mother's Day friend!

Beth said...

You've got to do what works for you! Besides, people can always turn the volume down if they don't like your music!

Beth said...

You've got to do what works for you! Besides, people can always turn the volume down if they don't like your music!

Anonymous said...

Well, I like your site, but I loved the music. The two just went together. I'll have to admit that I quit checking in when you stopped the music. So thanks for atleast giving us the option once again. To me the music fits the site. All your bloggings and pictures are so sweet and the music just makes it. So thanks for putting it back.

girlymom said...

I love the music. One of the blogs I read often usually has the same song playing and I had never heard it before. It was quite catchy. Well I hear dit on the radio and it made me smile and think of my blog friend. It is all a part of the personality of the blog and in turn a part of who you are. This is YOUR blog, do what pleases you.

As for the word verification thing...UGH!!! Ick, Yuck, Blah.