Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Visit with Baby Kaia and Charlie...

Yesterday I FINALLY went to my friend Tara's house to see Charlie and Baby Kaia. Kaia just turned a month old so it has been killing me that I've not seen her. The entire time I was there... snuggling with her, the talk centered on how very big she'd gotten. I suppose there was some truth to that as she is 13 pounds now- but in my arms, she was so very small.

She owned me upon arrival. (Which might technically be a lie as she owned me from the moment she was born even though I was not able to visit her until yesterday.) I took a few pictures while there... but not many as I refused to multitask while holding her and playing with Charlie.

Charlie was amazing with his sister. Though, he is a busy 19 month old. Tara has her hands full tending to the wee ones. I brought a little wooden bowling set to Charlie that we opened while I was there. I realized quickly that a toddler shouldn't be given a heavy wooden ball because it quickly became an aerodynamic weapon!! I can say with almost 100% certainty that it was packaged up yesterday never to be seen by Charlie again. (Sorry Tara)

By the way- it was so great to see Tara. She looks amazing, which was not unexpected. You can hardly tell she recently delivered a baby... via C-section none the less. I have a picture of her with Kaia but for some reason it didn't download. I'll work on getting it up on the blog later today.

You can't tell this but Kaia is wearing a blanket from her "Aunt Chelle'"

Notice Charlie grinning as he PINCHES his sister!

Notice Charlie caressing his sister after getting CAUGHT!

See! I told you I snuggled with Kaia.

Is she not just the sweetest, dearest baby??


Mari said...

So cute! Charlie is adorable too - even pinching his sister!

Tara said...

These are great pictures. :) And it was great seeing you, too. Thanks for visiting, even if you win the prize for giving Charlie the most destructive toy he has received so far. ;)

Colored With Memories said...

beautiful baby...and beautiful self portrait.

um, yeah...my 4 year old still makes me nervous with our wooden bowling set...cool gift though!

Nancy said...

So precious, and so very cute both of them.

Rebekah said...

aww- beautiful baby!

A Stone Gatherer said...

She is so precious! The 3rd picture reminds me of one I have of Bekah!

izzy said...

Great shots! So precious..