Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Giving In... 2.19.06

Alright... Alright. I have sucummed to "the blog". I wasn't going to but, well, I want to!

So much to say- first, K-girl is potty-trained. Only during waking hours but she is in panties and so happy about it. Paul and I are happy about it also. It's the first time we have one child out of diapers without another child threatening to arrive and require full diaper duty.

Second, B-boy is wiggling not one but TWO loose teeth around in his mouth. These are loose teeth numbers 4 and 5. I sure hope this process hurries itself along. I am not a fan of the tooth losing process. And though I can happily say I am past diapers for the most part... I am only at the beginning of this tooth stuff. Ugh.

Beetle continues to attract the attention of all passersby. That hair of his amazes all who encounter it. He is beginning to hate it of course. As well as all girl things pink and frilly. He has started saying, "Girls stuff stinks." What a boy!!

Paul has been busy this weekend with plumbing issues. We had replaced pipes from the basement to the second floor and had a leak at a connection site inside a wall. Thankfully the pipes were exposed for the most part as the kitchen ceiling has yet to be repaired so his toiling was fairly minimal. We are preparing to sell this house and are trying to get it all up and running so this spring we can list and sell it. PRAY it all goes smoothly. Many of you are aware of the fact that our lives for the most part are an hour north of where we reside. Our church, friends, doctors, specialists etc are all about 45-60 minutes north. We need to also have a home there.

Well, that's all from here. Not bad for a first "Blog". Paul hates blogs so I don't expect him to be involved at anytime in the near future. So I will keep all updated on his doings Thanks for checking in with us.

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