Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The World According to Chelle'... 3.30.06

It's Thursday March 30th and I have just returned from an hour long walk over the bridge and through the park. I haven't been able to take that long a walk since sometime last Softball season. I am so grateful to have enough strength to exercise and feel so much better now that I have... lets just hope tomorrow I don't pay for it.

Softball season is gearing up. It's my favorite time of year. Spring creeps in, grass grows, day lillies pop up, birds chirp and the sun comes up earlier and earlier each day. Who can complain about spring? And add to that SOFTBALL... I'm in heaven. It could only be better were I to actually be playing. (Pic above of long ago when I was the first baseman at Messiah) But as the saying goes... those who can't play- COACH!! And my team- is amazing. I am particulary excited for the girls on the team this year. It is most promising. That's all I'm going to say about that right now... I'm sure there will be tons to follow.

I just returned from a week with my in-laws and a day trip to Phili to see my mom and some great friends. I always enjoy trips like that... love that my kids get to spend time with their grandparents. However, it does tend to be exhausting and this trip in particular really put it to me. On day two I found myself in the local hospital with a blood clot in my arm from my IV midline. They had to pull the IV and schedule me for a PICC line to be put in Thursday (day 3 of my trip) Thankfully, the process of putting the PICC in was uneventful for the most part. I am grateful.

Kylee remains potty trained. WOO-HOO... it's nice to have no need for diapers. And Kylee's hair has turned curly. This past week, while away, I jokingly put a bit of mousse in her hair to see if it would stay curly... and here we are days later... and several baths later... and it's still curly. This is about the time Caeden's went curly so it's not that big of a surprise but I still love it. I'll have to figure out how to get a pic of them all up here.

Well, that's all from here. It seems I am only able to post once a month... I'll try to stick to that schedule.


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