Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Comes of April... 4.22.06

Alright, I know how you are all biting at the bit to read another post from me so here I am to satisfy you.

As if the last hospital run wasn't enough... the ER visit, the blood clot, the pulling of the midline and placing of the PICC line... I returned to my Dr. for a check up and he added an antibiotic called KETEK to my exsisting IV Rocephin. How bad could it be or so I thought? Another antibiotic to ensure that the Lyme is gone...that's a great plan. Little did I know this drug would land me on my butt... unable to do anything for days.

I started the Ketek last Tuesday morning. I was fine that day and then by Wednesday night had a terrible headache. Let me just say that I have delivered three children with NO medicine and minimal yelling. And yet this headache... was insufferable. By Thursday morning I couldn't bend my neck. And I was going between- couldn't get warm enough... to uncontrollable sweating. The pain from the headache, the lights, noises, and motion would cause me to hurl (Luckily for you there's no emoticon for that ) My Dr. immediately knew what it was and told me to get off ALL antibiotics but that I would still feel poor until the antibiotics left my system. It took 4 days until I could so much as lift my head and bend my neck. I have to tell you I resorted to Vicodin that's how bad the pain was. I hope to never have that happen again.

I just started back on my Ketek and Rocephin a few days ago. I am taking half the doseage of Ketek until my body warms up to it. Hopefully I'll tolerate it and it'll handle the rest of the lyme bacteria.

Aside from the meningitis.... SOFTBALL has started. Woo-Hoo. The girls think they are excited but it doesn't measure up to my excitement in the least. I love coaching them. They are a blast and they are like sponges that want to absorb everything. They love fast pitch and just want to play it the best they can. They aren't lazy at practice... just willing. I love this time of the year. Softball is awesome and I am excited to see them learn and do well.

My gardening is finished. Though I will indeed be forced to weed and maintenance... all the annuals are planted. The tomatoes and green beans, onions, and other vegetables are all growing in peat pots at this point. Still not warm enough to transplant them outside. Soon enough we will be eating from them however. It's always so exciting for the children to see the fruit of their labors. They planted everything from seeds this year... to get a tomato from a seed is an amazing accomplishment.

Aside from all of this I have taken to walking daily... 3-4 miles. I would like to start jogging soon. As my health and energy improve I will do just that.

The children are all well. K-girl talks a mile and minute and is hilarious. B-boy has lost his 4th tooth. (Ick... I hate the entire process... and he has two more that are currently loose...) Beetle has become Mommy's little helper. And Paul, well, he is working and caring for us all when he is home. He shines in those moments where I am sick and unable to do anything.

Thanks again for reading. Not sure why you do... for the same reason I read many of yours I suppose... it's a little caption of who we are...

Until next post...

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