Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If I Could Choose... 4.25.06

The rain has caused a contemplative... existential(sp?) ME to arise. I have spent much of the day thinking... wondering... examining. Do you want to know what I've come up with?? (Did I need to ask... you are pacing in anticipation...)

If I could choose to be great in, excel in, be the best in ONE THING... anything... a sport, an activity, a trait, a skill, a profession, a service... anything- I would choose

Why you ask? (You don't have to ask... does it look like I need to be cooersed to TALK?) Until recently I don't think I've understood just how necessary communication is. It's in EVERY bit of our lives. Relationships with parents, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, friends, enemies (isn't some of the BEST communication reserved for our enemies??) It's in the details of education- listening to the teacher/professor, reading the text/assignments, responding accordingly, and doing our homework... usually via writing. Who doesn't communicate with a telephone or cell phone hourly??? We use communication without words even... smiles on the street to strangers... or sadly, handsignals and horns while driving. And don't forget sign language... also COMMUNICATION. Necessary to function and exist daily... hourly... second to second.

So the question is... something so necessary- so vital- reaping such consequences... Why is it that we don't seem to foster its growth, health and vitality in ourselves and in the lives of those we have relationship with? Why does it seem people would rather have a tooth pulled than learn how to connect, relate, and share in a manner that is healthy and functional???

And what is it that causes people to become defensive at the mention of flawed communication? Why when statements are questioned are some responses, "That's not what I meant", "You should've asked me to explain that further" or "You assumed this meaning based on what I said".

Are we unable as a people to say what we mean in kindness and love without attacking one another? Are we able as a people to be responsible with our feelings and our words so as to be fruitful in our dialogue and not regressive?

Is there not an epidemic of regret in our society? I don't know of one person that doesn't admit regret over a relationship in their life. And don't relationships ultimately come down to communication? Couldn't we solve the issue of regret with healthy, fruitful communication?

It's just a thought.

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