Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Missed the April Showers... 5.2.06

So here's the thing... it's May 2nd and there are no May Flowers. What happened to the April Showers that are customarily a precursor to my garden springing up beautiful flowers??? I just think everything is a bit confused. Once again a lack of communication (this time between the elements... sun and rain particularly) has caused confusion and dismay in my garden(wink wink).

Physical health update... for any or all of you keeping up with my Lyme Treatment... IT IS GOING WELL. I am currently on my 9th week of IV Rocephin treatment as well as my fourth week of oral Ketek treatment. (Both antibiotics) It seems to be the BEST mix of antibiotics yet. (Despite the meningitis episode) I return to the Dr. a week from today. My best guess is that he will pull the PICC line and I will be finished with the IV antibiotics. (Prayer request- the neurological symptoms would not return...) I am also back to working out a bit. It's not much... just walking a few miles a day but it's much more than I could do last July. At that point my muscles were so weak that picking Kylee up was too difficult at times.

Nothing philosophical for you today... I am still troubled at the fact that it doesn't seem we stress the development or foster the growth of communication in ourselves and/or those we either help to develop (our children) or those with whom we have relationships. Perplexing isn't it? My softball girls started making fun of me this year by quoting my big statement from last year... "What up, Yo?" I remember when I started saying that and it got a laugh ONLY BECAUSE there was an element of truth to it. We all know that some people really do say "What up Yo" when what they mean is "What's going on?". Now that the girls started saying it again I have realized it's actually kind of sad. I'll expand on that line of thinking at another time. (Phew... you dodged a bullet :)

Brenden is still homeschooled and coming to the end of his first year. We have to get some work done as we were out of town last Friday and yesterday.

My last thought... God is good. It seems simple but it is one of the most important truths to grasp. Even when things are difficult... not going as we would like... or we are facing extreme trials- the reality is HE IS GOOD. He loves us unconditionally, without reserve, wholly and fully and not because of anything that we've done but because of who we are. Man- isn't that amazing???? (So I guess I did have something a bit philosophical/theological afterall.)

Have a great day!!

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