Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If You Ask Me... 6.1.06

It's JUNE that comes in like a lion. It is 90 degrees and the air conditioners are not yet running which brings me to my question... WHY does it have to be 90 degrees anyway? Don't you think weather like this should be reserved for people working in air conditioned offices and those at the beach? Isn't it really wasted on the stay at home moms whose husbands refuse to help them out by getting the casement units out of the attic and installing them in the first floor?? I mean, technically... I could be outside grilling lunch on the sidewalk. It is HOT HOT HOT.

It's been a busy month. A week after my last post I went to my Dr. and he ordered my PICC line out. He added another antibiotic to my protocol to replace the IV and sent me on my way. Little did I know that I would endure round two of meningitis starting that night. He emphasized at my appt. that I needed to endure through the illness and take my medicine were it to ever occur again. So despite the onset that night the next day I took all my antibiotics and I learned quickly... that antibiotics, in my case, only make meningitis WORSE! By that night I wanted to be rushed to the hospital. But as with Lyme Meningitis... you come off the antibiotics... and you get better, eventually... so that's what I did. And within 4 days I was much better. I ONLY HOPE I WON'T ENDURE THIS EVERY MONTH. My IV was pulled and I continued with Ketek and Omnicef depite feeling worse daily. From the day I started Ketek my symptoms heightened. I really believed it was just the process of getting worse before getting better. But two weeks ago- I changed my mind. I was feeling so bad. Maybe because the IV wasn't there acting on my behalf... maybe just because the Ketek was working against me. My heart would pound, skip and race... and my muscles have been shaky (just like the beginning of the lyme) since starting the Ketek. I decided 10 days ago to ditch all antibiotics. (Probably not the best decision as I can feel symptoms creeping back in here... muscle weakness and tingling/numbness and internal vibrations being the biggest at this point.) I return to see Dr. Joseph next week. Hopefully he will fix me.

The kids are on the upside of a longstanding cold/allergies. Kylee is actually on antibiotics currently. I took her to the Dr. Tuesday to find she has a terribly infected R ear. Poor thing. She is snotty and tired... but as I said, on the upside. The boys are completely focused on their new room. Did I mention that Paul and I switched the bedrooms? The master bedroom is so much bigger than the second bedroom. It seemed unfair to keep it for ourselves when there are two of us and three of them. We have painted the walls in the bedroom.(a good story that implicates me) Kylees two walls are lilac purple... and the boys wanted a shade of green that was bright and star wars compatible so I picked "Pistaccio Pudding". I painted their walls to find that it wasn't a shade of green at all. It was yellow. I just kept painting in the hopes that it would dry green. It didn't. I am writing Dutch Boy to tell them they should change the name of the color from Pistaccio Pudding to HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW. (I'm so not kidding.)

We on the other hand LOVE the little bedroom. We have our queen bed, tripple dresser, mirror and ottoman in there and it's just perfect. Cherry wood, mauve and gold bedding, ottoman and curtains, and offwhite carpet. It's quite complementary.

That's all from here. Paul has a huge test this week at work so he will be able to sell and advise mutual funds. We've barely spoken to him this past week He's been studying hard. Keep him and the test in your prayers.

Enjoy this 90 weather. Whatever!

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