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June in Review... 6.28.06

Gooood Morning Friends...

First let me start todays' blog by welcoming all the new OLD friends I've gained over the last month (Shanell, Corrie, Rich, Meredith, Cheryl and Jen) and by LURING some new friends to establish an account (TOM and MICHELLE ANTON... I KNOW YOU READ THIS BLOG... SUBMIT TO THE PRESSURE ALREADY AND CREATE A MYSPACE ACCOUNT. YOU TOO CAN BE THIS COOL!!! )

What an exciting month we've had. I started at the doctor's office... (as is usually the case). He was not at all pleased that I was off all medications and regressing quickly. Although I had called the office last month to tell them of my need for an earlier appointment and new prescription as the old antibiotic was causing more trouble than resolving... HE was unaware of the fact that the staff told me to just get off all meds and wait for my appointment (3 weeks) so that Dr. J would be able to assess my condition. Quite concerned, Dr. J told me to NEVER be off meds again... atleast not for now. Sadly, I have Lyme disease just as much now as I did a year ago when my symptoms were so bad Cleveland Clinic believed me to have ALS. (I can't believe I actually typed ALS in this blog... the disease still scares the begeebees out of me and there isn't a day it's not brought to my mind based soley on my symptoms or just plain fear.) I am now on two antibiotics, Flagyl and Vantin, and am hopeful it will keep the lyme at bay until the medical community has some understanding of this terrible disease and how to actually rid the body of it.

Next- the kids and I took a bit of an excursion this month... Harrisburg ( to see Grandma and Grandpa J, and Aunt Kimberly... and Grandma and Grandpa W as well as friends from Messiah and Christ Community), Phili ( to see MOM, my sister Barb, and my nieces and nephew and also my college roommate Sarah... more on all of this in a second), and Washington DC to see Paul's sister Lisa and her daughter Caroline (and Bryan too ) We were in the car so much that it felt like we were driving even when we were in out on the deck soaking in the sun.

Alright Alright... the big news. I TURNED 31! Yup... and close friends will know that I've cried about birthdays since turning 21 (one of the BEST birthdays ever... NO I didn't get wasted people... I actually just loved the day because I was at Messiah and friends called all day with birthday messages and wrote all over sidewalks, "It's Chelle' Serafin's 21st birthday" and hung signs all over campus that said the same and after we all finished working for the day we went out for icecream together and sadly finished celebrating my big day with a fish funeral for Kristina's fish... Heids, Jen, Kristina, Abby... thanks for the GREAT memory of my 21st birthday)... whatever the case, on the 14th- I did it again... had a birthday and REJOICED over it. I didn't do anything amazing, no spa treatment, or big vacation, no shopping trip or pedicures (note to self or anyone reading... these would be GREAT ideas for the 32nd birthday) BUT I did... and was... none the less. What I mean is... I turned 32. And for the most part, I did it effortlessly, with minimal side effects. Having been sick last year and hearing it could be terminal with declining physical health... I now APPRECIATE the fact that I can turn 31 and that I can do it while walking and talking and loving and caring and well... being. I could start to blunder about my children and husband and extended family... of my gratefulness and love for each of them but I know you get the point.

This year my birthday was up there with my 21st birthday. I traveled with the children from Harrisburg to Phili. I stopped to see Sarah, my college roomie, and her two beautiful children. (Honestly... SOOOOO beautiful) I hadn't seen her since Brenden was about 5 months so it was VERY good to catch up with her. She is one of those friends we all have that despite the time that passes... the friendship remains very much current and requires nothing to bring it up to speed. After seeing her I met my mom and sister and her three children, David, Kayla and Gladys at Red Robin. It happened in shifts which was great for me and mom. With them all living so far from us it's great to get together like this so there's time for us all to see one another one on one and then all together. Mom and I basically had lunch and then my sister arrived and we all brought Red Robin to it's knees. They surely weren't prepared for my entire family to be in their dining area. The old stories of my sister running me, my face in particular, over with her bike, me beating up a neighbor when we were five, and my crossing the street on my bike when I was 6 causing a 4 car pile up are all enough to make even strangers laugh. It was a wonderful THREE HOURS (thanks for being gracious Red Robin Staff...) that concluded wtih that gracious staff all gathering around with a sundae and loud singing in my honor. Yup- leave it to my family to tell them I gained a year of life. After that we headed back to Harrisburg in the rain and settled in at Grandma and Grandpa J's around 8:30. The kids were begging for a snack so I went to the kitchen where there was a pumpkin roll and went to slice it and my TRICKY Mother in law nicely said she would do it so I turned my back and tended to other things. Seconds later the lights went black and my children in all their giggles sang Happy Birthday to Mommy. Candles and all... on pumpkin roll. Can it be rivaled? I think not. It was a great day.

I was away from home for the birthday so I wasn't able to open the present Paul gave me. We returned on Saturday the 17 and over dinner he gave me my NEW Creative 30gb ZEN Vision:M. The number 1 mp3 on the market currently. It holds upwards of 15,000 songs, 120 hours of video, and tens of thousands of photos. (I think I know 200 songs maybe and have NO idea how or whwere to download video but the photos... I sure do have photos.) Sadly, though I've had it since the 17th it remains in the box as I am completely intimidated by it.

I should hurry through the last of this blog as I feel it has become a book. (June is always a busy month for us holiday wise)... Father's Day was spent with Paul and the boys at Sandcastle... and then this week Paul and I had our 8th wedding anniversary. TIME FLIES HUH? Eight years. I think at ten we will gather our family and those in the wedding for some kind of well, gathering. I think all the time how I'd love to hear different things that happened at our wedding/reception that we weren't privy to since we were blissfully forgetting to cut the cake and visiting each and every table at the reception so others could tell us how great the process was and we could naively believe that we were the first wedding they'd ever attended and that everyone was jsut as interested in us as we were. (Can you tell we've now been to our share of weddings???)

Alright... the kids have Vacation Bible School this morning. Have to get going. THANKS again to all of you who keep in touch via myspace... it's a bright spot in my day... EVERYDAY!

Until the next post-

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