Friday, February 2, 2007

A Busy Week... w/ pics to prove it.

Alright friends... I have adapted to blogspot and am ready to hit you with our week of events. Pictures and all thanks to the help of fellow blogger and good friend Tara :)

We started at the Dr's office. Yup- my monthly trek to Hermitage PA to see my Lyme Dr. He was pleased to hear that I think we finally found a good combination of antibiotics and that my symptoms SEEM to be under control. So glad I drove over 2 hours to sit with him for 4 minutes so he could be happy for me. (wink wink) I did get a really cute picture of the kids in the Dr's office while waiting for him to enter. (This is how I quiet them down after a two hour drive... they want to bounce off the walls, especially as they know they will be back in the car for another two hours)

Aren't they just the cutest little buggers? I can't stand it. They are each, undeniably, MINE! :)

Next- Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of escorting my children to see ELMO... in person, or well, in monster. He was at our local Barnes and Noble- we heard stories of him, colored pictures of him and then stood in line to personally meet him. Now... WHY my children allowed me to stand in the "Meet Elmo" line for 20 minutes until we got close enough to Elmo for them to then RECANT (publicly... vocally... LOUDLY) their desires to pose with Elmo for a personal picture is BEYOND me... but it happened. Just like that. The only thing that is comforting is that I wasn't the only parent enduring such a ridiculous scenario. I didn't see ONE child actually pose with Elmo. This is the best picture I could get- take notice-NOT A CHILD IN SIGHT... not mine or anyones.

And lastly... I must comment about this last picture that makes my children look angelic. As if the process of playing in the snow is as easy at the pictures makes it appear. We have had a beautiful snow fall ALL DAY today and for most stay at home moms... any snow in the air means one thing- 45 minutes of bundling up children so they can "play" (aka, whine, complain and cry) in the snow for 4 minutes. It's basic theme park math really. The principle of the matter is this- the few minutes of snow throwing, fake sledding, snow angeling, and well... consumption of snow (fingers crossed that it's not yellow) is worth mom's heroic effort of finding socks, long johns, sets of gloves, scarves, hats, snow pants, snow boots, and well- getting each child into their specified gear... and preparing QUICKLY the hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate chips to be digested a mere three minutes later. Meanwhile, it's the most EXHAUSTING hour for the mother- and truthfully, I count it as my exercise. (No, not the going out and pulling them around in the sled... that's Paul's job. The getting them dressed, hustling them outside, running around in the kitchen preparing the post snow goods, and well... undressing the beasts. )

OK, fine... one more thing... and yes, it includes a picture (or two)- we, Paul and I, are the proud parents of a precious and beautiful little girl. She is amazing and all that we wanted in a little girl. She's pink and frilly, loves lipstick, body shimmer earrings and purses. And despite two years of HAIRLESSNESS... and yes, I mean hairlessness... (Defense enters Exhibit A, picture to left, into testimony... ) she has sprouted a good bit of hair on that wee head of hers. To prove this point I have taken a picture of yesterday's hairdo. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading all about our week. I could get used to this blog. It's better than a scrapbook. I get to put all recent pics together, discuss them, and have them for permanent record. EXCITING. (Tara- I bet you're wishing you didn't show me how to put pics on the site... I went picture happy. THANKS for the help!)


Tara said...

Can't wait to keep up with things on your blog! :)

Pam said...

Hi Chelle! :)

Nice french braid, there :). Thanks for your blog address!