Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Quick Explanation... 1.30.07

Hi Friends. Welcome to my first official blogspot.com post... isn't this exciting??
I've been wanting to transition out of my blog site at Myspace to a more accessable blog site for months now... and just today have found the time to do it. HOWEVER, it is quite confusing to follow as I was unable to change the "post dates" for each blog. So, I've entered the dates in each title to let you know when they were originally posted. (if you didn't follow this blog on my myspace account that is...)
I will do my best to update this blog monthly just as I did with my myspace account. I'm so excited to have friends and family follow on this site as they've been unable to access the other site due to the fact that they didn't have myspace accounts.
Until my next post on blogspot...

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