Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Friends Like Mine... 1.27.07

So... this occured to me today.
WHO NEEDS TABLOIDS when the world is probably filled with FRIENDS LIKE MINE?
There is more drama, gossip, activity, and guilty pleasure to be found in my friend base than what US WEEKLY could print in my lifetime... AND I LOVE IT!!! Just this morning I told one of my best friends how she satisfies my "guilty pleasure" needs with life situations like the one she shared with me today. Ahhhh... no magazine, no need to stand in line at a Walmart, Target, or any newstand... just good old fashion quality time with a friend where "guess what I did last night" topics are exchanged. (Her "last nights" are BY FAR more exciting than mine will ever be.) All that to say... my friends are not the only ones out there with great "last night" stories. I know you all have em. Message me a good one. I could use a few more "guilty pleasure" moments. Let me live vicariously through you!!!

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