Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Couple Random Thoughts... 1.25.07

FIRST... isn't it great that TV programming is new again?? I was going crazy with more than a month of Grey's repeats. And these past three weeks have been SOOOO overwhelmingly good. I gasp for air each week as I sit curled up on my couch with tissues in one hand and a cell phone in the other to call friends during the commercials to begin what ends up being a week long discussion of how great Shonda Rhimes and her writing staff is on each and every topic the show details. Ahhhh, the tears... Izzy deposited the check, more tears, Georges Dad died, Sobbing tears... Jillian is released by her best friend to go home and die an Amish girl with her parents by her side. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Sidenote- Shonda- YOU'RE FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE EVERY AWARD GREY'S GETS... oh and PLEASE DEAL WITH THE PRESTON BURKE (whatever his real name is) ISSUE. He can't go around calling people fa*g*ts, apologizing and then exclaiming at award shows (on stage with the rest of the cast) that he never said it. BOOOO!
OTHER wonderfully amazing shows that capture my attention for 30-60 minutes at a time... THE OFFICE. HILARIOUS. If you are reading my blog and not watching the office weekly.... COME ON ALREADY. It is hilarious and you will love it. It's only in Season 3 so you haven't missed much. Catch up. You'll thank me. Next- HEROES. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. This is another show that has INCREDIBLE writers. It's so intriguing. PLEASE watch it. It's only on episode 13... easy to catch up on. WATCH IT. Amazing. and lastly- HOUSE. GREAT GREAT SHOW. There's a reason Hughe Laurie has won the Golden Globe for best male actor two years in a row. The show is GREAT! Watch it next Tuesday on Fox.

Now- my dig into the not so good TV... American Idol. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? I'm all about funny auditions but this year I've become annoyed at the obvious demeaning of those auditioning. Aside from the unbelievably MEAN comments to those almost completely unstable individuals who really do believe themselves capable of winning when in reality their speaking voices cause glass to break and people to become physically uncomfortable.....(let alone their singing voices that I will spare us all the vivid and brutally honest description of...) the fact that the show has done compilations of different BAD singers singing the same, obviously requested song from AI staff, at the end of each episode just makes me furious at the production team. Isn't it enough that we are demoralizing these people after their audition??? Do we have to ask these terrible singers to sing again a specific song just so we can use it to poke MORE fun at them at the end of the show as we spool it together with other trecherous singers. UGH.
That's my TV rant.
SECOND- and far more serious but still random. I've been driving around Pittsburgh and it's suburbs a lot lately and have noticed SEVERAL flags on flag poles only half way up. I am not naive and realize WHY they are that way. Someone has died. And these days it usually means someone in the military has died. My reason for bringing all this up is this... seeing this day after day I now wonder if there are statistics that can tell me how many days since we entered this war have our flags been all the way UP the pole? I'm not looking for a political debate here. Should we be in the war or not? Should we pull out etc. DON'T WANT ANY OPINIONS ON THAT... but feel like it used to be RARE to see flags halfway up the pole- now it seems common place. Would love to know the stats on that if anyone has a way to find it.
Lastly- holidays are over and I am finding more and more time to catch up on things I love and enjoy. I'll be pulling out the scrapbook and sewing next week. Taking time to myself and time with friends who enjoy the same hobbies. IF you happen to be one of those friends AND you will be in the PItt Metro area... call me. I'll set a place at my craft table for you.
Thanks to all of you for your friendship. I feel so incredibly spoiled. Seriously.

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