Tuesday, January 30, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 1.1.07

Good Morning Friends. Can you believe it's a new year again?? And Praise God for that. Another year to grow. Another year to become. Another year of opportunity. How wonderful.

A little summary of December for you- before we jump into all that the new year will hopefully bring-Paul turned 32. Hard to believe but WE ARE OLD!!! (And grateful.) It's humbling to age. And after the ALS/Lyme scare- it's a different experience. On a personal level- I feel so blessed to witness the birthday of any one of my friends or family. Seems dramatic I know but I really believed my time here on earth was short- so every birthday, every holiday, every celebration is such a gift. And Paul- well he went and turned 32 on us. Hooray! The kids got him the Burger King X Box games. Silly huh?? But he loved them and plays Xbox with the kids each Saturday.

Speaking of X-Box... it was a right of passage for B-boy this October! He got his first game and was allowed to play X-Box for the first time. Lego Star Wars. He loves it. And because B-boy plays... Beetle too plays. (They are typically only allowed to play on Saturdays- though the holidays have enabled them to be home with dad through the weekdays and well, playing a bit more Xbox.)

The kids really enjoyed Christmas this year. Christmas Eve I came home from work around 5 and wrapped presents while Paul had the kids out doing their last minute purchasing. We ate around 7 and the kids opened their Christmas Eve presents. They get so excited to open a present the night before... it always makes me laugh because for 7 years now it's always been Christmas PJ's... I bet they remember for next year. They went to bed and we, as we do yearly, put a present at the foot of each of their beds for morning before they are allowed to come downstairs.

This year, Paul was awake till 5am assembling K-girl's big kitchen. As he went to bed I got up to clean and ready the place. I heard B-boy tearing the paper of his present at 6am and Beetle just before 7am. K-girl was still sleeping but not for long. I mean, could you remain asleep with two loud boys playing with their new Star Wars/Transformers??? K-girl woke up and opened her little build a bear and well... we built it, giving Paul those extra few minutes of sleep. And at 8 we all started Christmas here at our house.

Stockings, presents, presents and presents. K-girl got make up and earrings and elmo and a kitchen. (That's all she cared about anyway.) and Beetle and B-Boy got Transformers and Star Wars. It was a successful Christmas. I'm delighted to report... I got two earring/necklace sets that were beautiful. Just beautiful. (Surprisingly.) I had told the boys that Mommy wanted earrings because I had looked around for about a month and couldn't really decide on any. Figured I would throw it their way. To my amazement- I loved what they all got me. And haven't stopped receiving compliments yet.

Oh- and- a side note about work. I have done nothing, (almost) BUT work over these past two weeks. Paul has been off since December 22nd (returns to work tomorrow) and has assumed the responsibilities of a stay at home dad. He has been with the kids upwards of nine hours a day. I have pulled 50 hours at Gap this past week giving me not only a nice paycheck... but OVERTIME. Excellent.

We've learned all kinds of things through this experience. He for one, realized early on, that feeding the kids at home isn't always possible. I came home and saw a pizza box and asked him when he bought pizza and he said, "Oh, I had to stop by work for something and took the kids with me and they complained and so it was easier to just buy them something." (REALLY? NO KIDDING!!!!!) And what about- dinners not on the table when I get home from a 10 hour day... or the house a mess??? Or the biggest of all- B-Boy's school? Hard to get that done with two other ones around huh? And hard not to get frustrated and yell at times isn't it??? Oh the life of a stay at home parent.

As for me one of the biggest things I learned from this experience is that when I come home I really don't want to put the kids to bed. I love to see them, I want to sit with them and spend time with them... hugging them etc. BUT I don't want to put them to bed. That takes energy and after walking around and people pleasing for 10 hours... I don't have any. When things flip flop back to normal tomorrow... I will pick up that responsibility more.

I am hopeful for the NEW YEAR! I have a few areas I'd like to focus on this year. The children being the first. I want to really invest in them this year. In their relationships with us, each other and the Lord. In their characters, feelings, dreams, hobbies. In who they are and what they want to be. I want to invest in my marriage. In Paul, his job, his desires, us. And I want to invest in myself. Becoming all God wants me to be. A person of my word, reliable, positive, selfless and pleasing. And I want to be sure to prioritize my health.It will be nice to share all our experiences with you throughout this NEW YEAR!!! Thanks for spending 2006 with me. Have to get to work this morning. As if people at Gap can't pick their jeans without me... :)

Until next time.

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