Thursday, February 22, 2007

Call me Gilligan!

First- let me preface my post today by saying I believe myself to have lost my "funny gene." I can't think of one funny thing to say regarding my trip from Pittsburgh to DC yesterday. HOW CAN THAT BE? That being said, I have opted to just recall the events and let them speak for themselves.

Place of Departure: Pittsburgh
Destination: DC suburb
Estimated Travel Time: 3:57 (via Mapquest directions.)
Time of Departure: 12:45pm
Time of Arrival:6:22pm


So- my estimated THREE HOUR TOUR became a near 6 hour torture session. Gilligan had nothing on me.

A few "note to selfs..."

1.Never feed children mexican food prior to a road trip. It will only come back to bite you in the butt. (or technically- bite the children in the butt.)

2. Never give children unlimited supply of apple juice as it is statistically proven to be a diuretic which will only increase the already frequent need to stop at rest stops.

3. ALWAYS remember headphones for wireless DVD player so both children entertainment and adult entertainment (KEEP IT CLEAN FOLKS... I'm referring to Anna Nalick on CD) are kept separate... 6 hours of a muffled Breathe 2am as Shrek and Donkey try to save a princess gets old quick.

4. ALWAYS FLY when possible. Actually... fly when not possible too. DRIVING IS NOT AN OPTION.

I won't be signing up for this trip again anytime soon. Actually... I will be repeating said trip in just 5 days. I do have to get home afterall.

Did I mention the reason I came to DC was to see my SIL's new baby boy? I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM! He is amazing and precious and all things good and pure.

Until my next post...

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