Monday, February 19, 2007

The Morning After...

I worked all day yesterday... the usual 9 hour stint. Only for me... it was quite unusual as I haven't put in a full day like that in three weeks. I came back for a full day on a great day though. There were only 5 of us working and we couldn't have been a better bunch. All of my favorites. Katie and Moses of course... Randy, a new hire that happened to be friends with the bunch before working... and our manager Justin!! A little background on Justin- he is the reason I work at the Gap. I walked into the Gap last July and he was the sales associate that helped me. He is so good at sales that I walked out of the Gap with not only 200 dollars worth of merchandise but a Gap Card. He is insanely good at his job. Not only as a manager- but a sales associate. He does it all. And I love it. I can see myself in his position (when he becomes a head of a store) because our personalities are such the same. (Sidenote- yes Justin, you should have made the blog before- I admit... but now you have... and I am sure you will find yourself noted with frequence if future days in anyway mimic yesterday)

Now about my day. Work was uneventful. Fun but uneventful. After work was quite eventful however. We headed over to Dave and Busters for a little something to eat. As we sat at the bar we heard an outbreak. Screaming, screeching, the works. When I turned to see what the situation was, there was a mob of at least 15 people all falling over one another... hitting, punching, pulling, dragging... and oh, the worst in my opinion- a teenage girl screaming, "My baby!" I didn't know how she meant that but I found myself sick to my stomach at the thought that there could be an infant/toddler in the middle of that mix. (Sidenote- for those unfamiliar with Dave and Busters, it is an adult Chuck E Cheese. Kids are allowed until 9pm. Supposedly it doubles as a family place until then. I personally wouldn't take my kids there past the lunch hour as it becomes much more bar like from dinner on.)

Anyway, it was a knock down drag out BAR FIGHT. 10 feet away from us. I grabbed my bag and started walking. Justin didn't move quite as quickly. (Though once the large, bodyguard like, bartender jumped the bar RIGHT BETWEEN US, it did seem to motivate him to pick up his things and slide down the bar a bit.) I walked around the bar so that were the need to arise, I could duck behind it. Maybe it's the "city-mentality" in me but I couldn't imagine being in any proximity to that fight that once a weapon was drawn, I couldn't hide behind something. I can't say the same for Justin's thought process. He just slid down the bar a bit so as not to be trampled. Clearly he believes the best in people... :)

We wrapped things up fairly quickly following the arrival of the police.

And so the point to my story...

How lucky am I that the people I work with throughout the day, are the same people I enjoy spending time with when we lock the retail doors??

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