Sunday, February 18, 2007


Many of you have emailed since my "Pity Party Post". THANK YOU. I really do have amazing friends. Just to be clear... rarely do I get to a breaking point like I did the other day. For the most part I realize that right now, lyme is my life and so it goes.

I guess the problem recently is that my lyme has been so active... as though it is day one of it all. The twitches, numbness, tingling, difficulty swallowing and at times breathing, terrible headaches and stiff necks... I know you know all this already. It's just that these symptoms bring with them fear of the unknown and whether I will succumb to something greater and more tragic than lyme. And that was where the pity party came in.

I know you continue to pray for me, our family... etc. THANK YOU. Because if ever there was a time I wasn't doing a great job of going to the Lord on our behalf... it would be now. Thank you all for your emails, calls, encouragements... and well, friendships. I am blessed.

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