Sunday, March 25, 2007


To every wife, mother, grandmother, female roommate out there who can echo every thought in this post...

Today was the day for SPRING CLEANING. It was the first, near 70 degree, fully sunny day of the year. I knew immediately upon waking- today screamed PINE SOL! Forget fun, forget frolic, forge ahead with bucket, sponge and Windex in hand.

In preparation for this blessed event the debates began this morning...

"Hun, pleeeeeeeeease take ALL the kids out."


"Anywhere. Park. Museum. Zoo. Library. Pet Store. I don't care."


"Because I need to clean. And to clean with them here is pointless. They tend to follow after me and mess up each room as I clean it. I could use some time to dig in and get stuff done WITHOUT anyone on my heels."

"Let me get this straight... you want me to take ALL three kids out ALL day???"

"Look Buddy. (Insert agitated wife tone here.) I NEED you to take the kids, yes ALL of them, out of the house... yes, ALL DAY, so that I can..... find the bottom of the laundry basket... scrub the hardwood/kitchen floors and mostly so I can put rubber gloves on and be up to my elbows in toilet water... NOT so that I can get a manicure, pedicure and latte. " (Note to self... you deserve a MANICURE, PEDICURE and well... LATTE.)

And so, my selfless husband, despite all NBA games airing Sunday afternoon- took ALL the kids... ALL day...out of my house. I have no idea what they did until 7pm but I conquered dust, dirt, window streaks, carpet stains, toilet seat hardware issues, water spots, as well as refrigerator shelf spills. Call me Martha Freakin Stewart. (Does Martha clean? Is it sad that I don't know a Cleaning Guru to note here???)

Well, whatever the case, I still have laundry to tackle. Not looking forward to it. But I do like doing laundry on beautiful days when the laundry can line dry in the yard. Maybe I'll just push it off until the next 70 degree day that is sunny and rain free. (I've already looked at the weather report... I don't see a day like that in the 10 day forecast.) Insert Sly Smirk Here!!!

Alright fellow house cleaners. I know you got suckered into cleaning this weekend too. We need to unite now. Demand payment. I'll make the arrangements for the day spa. Just let me know how many of you are "in". :)


Tara said...

Ha! We cleaned Saturday, too, but only made it as far as the first floor. We planned to do the second floor yesterday but it was way too nice and we were too tempted to stay outside all day...which is pretty much what we did. There will be other days for floor two. :)
I loved your "note to self." :)

Cheryl said...

All of the days in Florida are sunny and nice ;)