Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was watching Fox News early this morning and saw this headline...


I focused in on what the anchors were saying to find they were talking about Rosie O'Donnell. They were showing clips of her lunacy and rudeness on the morning show The View. A show that used to be entertaining and now provokes even the mildest natured individuals to anger and resentment.

Here's the thing. Since she's joined the show- she's made it nothing but a political battle. EVERY OPPORTUNITY SHE GETS is made into a liberal platform by where she degrades Elisabeth for her beliefs, age and "naivety". By the way, Kudos to Elisabeth who ceases to back down... refuses to relent in the sharing of her beliefs on the war, the president and mostly national security. Elisabeth IS a Christian and though I believe many know that about her due to her loving nature, respectful ways and ultimately Christlike behavior (Verses the potential for any "Christian" to be known for their OVERBEARING, JUDGMENTAL, and/or PUSHY nature.) She sits at that table DAILY to endure what I can only imagine feels like a beating from Rosie and sometimes Joy. She isn't allowed to finish her thoughts or beliefs EVER... (I recently went back through about 40 debates between Rosie and Elisabeth on YouTube.com and found that in EVERY ONE Rosie cut Elisabeth off and ended the debate on an extremist principle to which a mindless audience silences everyone with its cheers and clapping.

I find myself frustrated and unable to watch the View EVER now that Rosie is a part of the show. It used to be a more balanced mix of opinions. But now you have it where Rosie dominates all opinions, cuts people off at the tongue so she can finish their sentences with liberal mush. AGENDA!! (Sidenote- for years Paul has told me he can't stand to watch certain things on TV because it is laced with Liberal Agenda... I've stood for the programming in many instances saying, "It's entertainment... we know what we believe as truth... let it go. JUST WATCH THE SHOW!" I have to say that I now know why he was bothered. His radar is better than mine. Rosie pushes the Extremist side of the Liberal agenda. I don't think she's liberal... I think she's an extremist. Non representative of many people who say they're liberal.

The clip above was taken from an episode of The View. Rosie comments on Radical Christianity being as THREATENING as Radical Islam... YEAH SURE! How about Radical Liberalism... where does that come into play? Another insane quote from Rosie being, "The next president should repeal the Patriot Act and replace it with the Constitution." I can't even comment on that one. Is she unaware of the fact that we have sleeper terrorists planning large scale attacks on the innocent from RIGHT HERE within our country? For the sake of NATIONAL SECURITY, we have the ability to seek them out and listen to their exchanges via land and cellular lines. And that's a problem WHY???

Ahhhhh... as Fox News so eloquently put it this morning...


Though in my opinion, it would've been more accurate were it to have read-



Thank you Fox News.

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Katie K said...

While I don't like Rosie at all and I think the View is one of the most annoying shows in the world, I find it kind of funny that you are blaming this show for having a liberal bias when you were watching the most conservatively biased news source in America. Not only did they just decide to label Mark Foley a Democrat after the page scandal (PS hes a Republican) but when a poll was done over 1/3 of people who watched Fox News on a regular basis thought that we really had found WMD's in Iraq (PS we didnt). While it is true that a lot of media had a slight liberal lean to it, Fox news is completely bent towards conservatism. They are owned by Republicans and do their best to put down all liberals and democrats even if it involves blatanly making things up. You are right that Rosie is an extreme liberal, but I think her views are shared by many (hence the clapping) I just do not like the way she chooses to push her views. She is harsh and sometimes mean, but she definitely has a conservative counterpart - Bill O Reilly. Only on his show we don't have 3 other people with differing views. Again it is all a matter of political view point. You are a conservative so someone that blatantly expresses their liberal views bothers you. And I feel the same way about Bill O Reilly. Their are extremists on both ends of the spectrum but at least with the View and other media there is an attempt to be unbiased byt bringing in both liberals and conservatives, where with Fox news and O Reilly you are force fed conservatism.