Friday, April 13, 2007

The Culprits...

Oh yes... CulpritS... as in TWO. Of the offending nature...

I took my three children, in a packed van, with the DVD playing, and of course the "broken tire" to Walmart. It's only 9 dollars there to have a tire repaired. The sad news... it was a near 2 hour wait to have our tire serviced. We walked around a bit, mused in the toy section, and well... wandered, wondered and hoped for a speedy repair. BUT soon, we gave up and sat in the automotive waiting area.

A dungy little, coffee-less room, where I feared the children touching the chairs- let alone the walls, tables, or heaven forbid... the floors. And of course, all they wanted to do was eat almonds... (probably the highest "fall-ratio" food we have... by where I had to monitor them so closely often repeating... IT FELL, MOVE THE ALMOND AWAY FROM YOUR MOUTH...THROW IT AWAY.) So we waited, and I monitored and well... we waited some more.

2.5 hours pass and the tech finally comes to me with the good news. Your tire is repaired and we have rotated the tires (WOO-HOO!) and then his voice lowers and he starts speaking slowly...) How-eeeeeeee-ver... when rotating your tires, we found a second tire with a bolt in it.


To which the tech follows up with, "Did you want us to repair that one too?"

Hmmmm, let me think on that! Fix the tire before it deflates while parked in my front drive and/or more importantly fix the tire before it blows while driving 70 on the highway????? Oh what the heck! Go ahead. Fix it. Sheesh!

And so- I waited another 45 minutes for the second tire to be repaired and mounted... only to find that it had started pouring outside... buckets upon buckets of water... and when we got to our car, the "spare tire" was back INSIDE my vehicle INSTEAD of on the underside of my van as it belongs. UGH.

And so, as I stated in the beginning ... there are two culprits. Two, BOLTS... one, a BRAKE BOLT. And I have pictures to prove it.

Enjoy mocking me visually. I won't hold it against you. As I told my friend yesterday, every moment in my life comes with a story... Enjoy this one but don't become comfortable in it... another one will most definitely follow.

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