Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Easter was day 4 of our new "Family Food Plan". (No sugars...including breads, grains, rice, cereals, candies, sweetened drinks, etc)

Let me quickly detail days 1-3...

DAY 1:
Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs and Grapefruit
Snack- Cut up Apples
Lunch- Nitrate/Nitrite free hot dogs, cucumber, roasted red pepper hummus.
Snack- Cut Up Apples
Dinner- Baked Chicken over a bed of salad and/or Chicken Vegetable soup.

DAY 2:
Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs and Cut up Apples
Snack- Organic Cheese Stick
Lunch- Nitrate/Nitrite free hot dogs, cut up strawberries
Snack- Banana dipped in Flax Seeds
Dinner- Broiled Alaskan Salmon, salad, green beans, cut up apples

DAY 3:
Breakfast- pan fried eggs, banana, flax seeds.
Snack- Organic Cheese Stick
Lunch- Nitrate/Nitrite free turkey deli meat, organic cheese wraps.
Snack- cup of Strawberries
Dinner- Hamburger/Cheeseburger, salad, carrots and hummus

DAY 4:
Breakfast- EASTER eggs (actually pan fried eggs), cut up apples.
Snack- NONE as we were at church.

(side note- left church at 1:30pm and had this discussion in the car-)

Paul- What's for lunch?

Me- I can't even think about it.

Paul- What do you mean?

Me- How many meals can you make out of hot dogs, cheese sticks, bananas, apples, eggs (scrambled or fried) chicken, salmon, hummus, and /or flax seed?

Paul- What the heck is "Flax Seed"?

Me- UUUUGGGGGGGGH! Pick a chain restaurant. Everyone can pick their own protein and their own vegetable sides there... I'm not figuring out what combination of boring foods to serve today... IT'S EASTER!

And so Day 4 Lunch was Rosemary Chicken with a side salad and steamed broccoli for K-girl and me... UM UM GOOOOD! Buffalo Chicken salad for Paul. And Chicken fingers with bowls of fruit and applesauce for the boys. Ahhhh- menu diversity.


Other than the food issue... we had a great Easter. The kids received just a few things- Lazer tag guns and bike horns for the boys... and K-girl got a harmonica, jump rope, and bathing suit.

Disclaimer... I'm including a few pictures... NONE of them taken with my 6.2mp digital SLR because I'M TOO LAZY THESE DAYS TO GET MY CAMERA OUT. I use my phone to take pictures all the time now and just send them to my email account.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.

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